Kendon Limited Edition Models
Are you the “Stock is best” type? Or do you believe custom and mods are the way to go? How about your ride? Is it stock? Or did you add your own personal style? If you like owning something a little different...
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7 Reasons to Own a Kendon Dirt Bike Lift
Whether your dirt bike needs cleaning, repair or just routine maintenance, it’s never fun to spin wrenches on the ground. Your back, your knees, and your whole body need a better solution. You need a Kendon Stand-Up™ MotoLift™. Kendon Stand-Up™ dirt...
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Finding Friends in All the Right Places
A friend once told us, “You can never have too many friends.” We agree. So we made some new friends recently. Kendon Industries is really happy to announce that we are now distributed by the power sports industry’s largest parts and accessories distributor...
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