New Trike/Spyder/Sidecar Stand-Up Trailer

Our Two Wheels are Perfect for Your Three


Kendon Stand-Up Trailer now available for trikes, Spyders, sidecars.


Today powersports vehicles come in all sizes, shapes, styles, configurations, colors and even brand names we thought were long gone. If you have a traditional two-wheeled-type motorcycle, we’ve got plenty of options for you; one rail, two rails, three rails, no rails, whatever you need.


But until recently if you had a three-wheeled powersports vehicle you were pretty much out of luck if you wanted to own the world’s greatest space-saving Stand-Up™ trailer.


Introducing the brand-new Kendon Ride-Up SRL Trike/Spyder/Sidecar Stand-Up™ Trailer. The perfect solution for all your three-wheeled vehicle towing needs.

New Kendon BB307RU Ride-Up SRL Trike/Spyder/Sidecar Stand-Up Trailer

Introduced in November 2016, the new Trike/Spyder/Sidecar trailer is specifically designed to carry non-traditional motorcycles with three wheels. Several factors had to be considered when designing a trailer to carry three-wheeled vehicles:


Weight displacement: Traditional two-wheeled motorcycles carry their weight toward the front of the bike, which weights the tongue of the trailer when loaded. Proper tongue weight is critical to safe towing performance of any trailer. Trikes and sidecars carry their weight more toward the rear of the bike, shifting the weight off the tongue of the trailer and behind the axle. Not good for safe towing. And Can-Am Spyders are heavier in the front but have a different wheel configuration than trikes. All of this presents a challenge when designing a trailer to carry all three types of vehicles.


To overcome the weight distribution problem we moved the axle further back, shifting weight onto the tongue. Next we extended the front triangle section of the trailer to hold the front wheel of trikes, further shifting the weight onto the tongue. Finally we made the forward stop rail as low as safely possible and angled it forward to allow Spyders to roll further forward. The end result is a trailer that provides safe tongue weight with most three-wheeled vehicles. Check out this article on tongue weight for more information.

Kendon Trike/Spyder/Sidecar Trailer front triangle

Dimensions: Despite the growing size and weight of some cruiser bikes over the last ten or so years, two-wheeled motorcycles are all roughly the same size. That makes it easy to design the size and shape of a one-rail or two-rail trailer for standard bikes. Trikes, Spyders, and sidecars are a little tricky.


Our goal in building the new trailer was to make a design that worked for all types of three-wheeled vehicles and was versatile enough to accommodate standard motorcycles, carts, and almost anything else someone would want to carry. So we made the deck completely flat but left the door open to add a rail and wheel chock if needed. We also made the deck as large as possible with the axle size we had while keeping the overall weight low enough for one-person Stand-Up™ operation. Then we added a front rail that covers most of the front section for plenty of tie-down anchor spots. The end result is a very versatile but user-friendly trailer for vehicles of multiple sizes and configurations.


Loading: Next we had to figure out how to get all those different sizes, shapes, and styles of machines onto the trailer. Historically we’ve only needed to load bikes with two wheels aligned in parallel onto our trailers. Now we needed to consider three or more wheels.


They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, we had a need, so we invented. We are proud to offer Kendon’s first-ever full-length, slide-out, folding loading ramp.

New full-width, slide-out, folding loading ramp from Kendon

The new full-width ramp is actually two pieces, each with two folding sections. Together the four sections make a loading ramp as wide as the rear of the trailer, accommodating any vehicle the trailer will hold. The ramp pieces are stored under the rear section of the trailer and slide in and out as needed for loading. They even feature loops designed to accept a 2-inch padlock so you can lock your ramps to the trailer to eliminate theft.


Kendon Quality: The last step in the process was to bake in the same quality, craftsmanship, and performance Kendon has become world-famous for. The new trailer features our tried-and-true independent torsion bar suspension for a superior ride for both your bike and your tow vehicle. Top-quality tubular steel frame construction is used throughout for strength and lightweight performance. And we cap it off with premium-grade industrial powder coating for a lasting finish.

Independent torsion bar suspension is standard equipment on all Kendon trailers

Whether you’re riding a Harley-Davidson or conversion trike, a Can-Am Spyder, a sidehack, a two-wheeler, or something in between, we’re confident the new Kendon Ride-Up SRL Trike/Spyder/Sidecar Stand-Up™ Trailer is the trailer for you. Give it a look.


Now get out there. Go. Ride.

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