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Motorcycle Trailers & Folding Motorcycle Lifts
– Who Are We?

Kendon Industries, Inc. is the originator of Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts. Since 1991, the Kendon brand has been synonymous with high quality, durability and innovation. No other Motorcycle Trailer competitor can claim torsion axles with independent suspension, triangulated round tube construction or, of course, our patented fold up, Stand-Up™ design that allows our Folding Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts to fit in tight spaces.

You don’t have to be a master mechanic to benefit from owning one of Kendon’s motorcycle lifts. If you’re tired of being bent over working on your hands and knees cleaning, polishing and/or maintaining your bike then Kendon has the solution for you. From basic detail work to full on rebuilds, Kendon offers a safe high capacity motorcycle lift that folds up and stands on its end to easily store in a garage while taking up minimum space.

As a Motorcycle Trailer manufacturer, we’re very proud of our unmatched customer service, parts, technical support and warranty program on all of our motorcycle lifts and Trailers for Motorcycles. 90-days on all Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Lifts, 1 year on all Stand-Up™ Utility Trailers and Trailers for Motorcycles and 5 years on our torsion trailer axles. Our staff consists of powersports enthusiasts and long-term trained professionals. We are here to ensure your enjoyment and experience as an enthusiast and as a Kendon Owner. Your experience with our products is always top-of-mind here at Kendon.

Utility Trailers and Trailers for Motorcycles
– The Kendon Difference

What makes Kendon motorcycle trailers and utility trailers different and where is the value for you? We are riders and enthusiasts, just like you, and we take pride designing and building products to fit your needs. Kendon is the industry leading brand with over 20 years of innovation, experience and, to this day, still going strong developing new and improved trailers for motorcycles. We provide specifically designed trailer models to fit individual riding needs. Our folding trailers are purpose built for each motorcycle segment. This delivers the enthusiast a solution to expand their riding adventures by easily being able to tow their vehicles on one of our trailers to new riding locations.

Kendon’s revolutionary design of motorsport and utility trailers is based on a tubular race car chassis style design which is the original, patented, fold up and Stand-Up™ design. Our proprietary patented independent torsion bar axle has the industry’s only replaceable spindle. Hit a big pothole or burn out a wheel bearing on your motorcycle or utility trailer? No problem, the spindle and bearings can be easily replaced without trashing the entire axle like on most other motorcycle and utility trailers. Plus, each trailer tows like a dream! You won’t even know you have a trailer behind you when towing.

Kendon’s Commitment to Quality and Convenience of Utility Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers and Lifts

Kendon is proud to continue to deliver quality products for over 20 years. During these many great years we have developed new utility trailers, motorcycle trailers, and even car trailers, and throughout this time our commitment to quality has not changed. Each one of our trailers is handcrafted in our Anaheim, California facility making it unique with a lasting value – there are many older model Kendon’s all over the world still rolling down the road in great condition. Kendon’s motorcycle trailers are the most sought after brand to find used and hold a high resale value.

Not only does Kendon provide customers with high quality motorcycle trailers, we also strive to offer our customers unmatched convenience. Each one of our products, from our large utility trailers to our small and portable motorcycle lifts, is designed with convenience in mind. Our trailers and lifts offer one person operation with the fold up and roll away storing function. Kendon trailers take up as little as 27 inches of storage space from the wall when standing while our motorcycle lifts take up only 17 inches. In addition, a large vehicle is not required to tow our trailers for motorcycles. An average compact sized car is all you need to transport a lightweight Kendon folding trailer. Best of all, when traveling you can take up one parking place at a hotel or resort while towing one of our motorcycle or utility trailers. Simply fold it up and stand it up in front or in back of your vehicle.

Motorcycle Trailer and Utility Trailer Additional Benefits – What else you get?

Kendon is a great looking product. It is has industrial grade powder coated components for a durable, long lasting finish. The single and dual motorcycle trailers have a very attractive polished diamond plate deck while our utility, sport bike and dirt bike trailers have easy to maintain steel mesh platforms. Kendon trailers are also easy to find; visit a local Kendon dealer to check out a motorcycle trailer or utility trailer in person. We are stocked nationwide and internationally in multiple distributor warehouses and dealerships. If you have any trouble locating our folding trailers for motorcycles near you, give us a call and one of our customer service reps will help you out.

We’re here to answer any questions and hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime, be nice to your bike, your body and your loved ones! If you love spending endless hours riding, whether it be on or off road, or you simply enjoy a leisurely ride, tow your bike with a Kendon motorcycle trailer to your destination. Get there fresh and ready to play! With Kendon, you will ride to more interesting places.


Expand your riding horizons. Kendon is recognized as the Industry’s #1 Choice in the USA. Kendon is the original, patented, fold up, stand-up™ design.

Enjoy looking around, shopping and call us if you’d like to talk!

– Your friends at Kendon.

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