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Go. Ride.

There’s a whole big world out there. How much have you seen?

We want you to see it all. And we hope you’ll see most of it from the seat of a motorcycle, ATV, or powersports toy. There’s simply no better way to experience life.

We realize that sometimes the destination is more important than the journey. Sometimes it’s about what you experience when you get there, not what you see along the way. Those freeway miles add up and we’re not as young as we used to be.

So take the journey in comfort and enjoy the experience more when you get there. Whether your destination is the Grand Canyon, Sturgis, the windy-twisties, the track, some rolling hills, the wide-open desert, America’s beautiful forests, our expansive coastline, or anything in between, one of our Kendon Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers will get you there comfortably. And we hope you’ll enjoy the ride more when you arrive.

Then, when you get home, tired and sore, full of great memories, tuck your trailer and toys away and get ready for your next great adventure. It’s just around the corner.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers

Kendon invented the original folding stand-up motorcycle trailer in 1991 and we’ve been the market innovators and leaders ever since. No other powersports trailer offers the same space-saving convenience, exceptional towing performance, and multipurpose versatility in one premium-quality package. No other trailer. None.

Kendon owns the patent on folding stand-up trailer designs. Literally. We own it. So don’t settle for imitations or poorly made knock-offs. They aren’t built like a Kendon, and they don’t work like a Kendon.

The Kendon Advantage

Patented folding, stand-up space-saving design
Independent torsion bar suspension
Triangulated round tube construction
Made in the USA from American steel*
Large industrial-grade casters for maneuverability

Low deck height for easy loading and unloading
Lightweight, one-person stand-up operation**
Loading ramps included with every trailer
Premium-quality industrial powder coat finish
Exceptional performance, convenience, and value

Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Lifts

We took our folding stand-up motorcycle trailer technology and applied it to motorcycle lifts. The result was a fantastic tool that no motorcycle or garage enthusiast should live without. Our amazing folding Stand-Up™ Lifts do all the same things a big, expensive professional-grade lift does at a fraction of the cost with one serious difference: When you’re done wrenching or cleaning, fold it up, stand it up and roll it into the corner to save space in the garage. And at less than 160 lbs., you can take a Kendon lift with you – to the track, a friend’s house, or wherever you work on your bike.

The Kendon Advantage

Patented folding, stand-up space-saving design
Lightweight, portable design
Air-over-hydraulic operation
Operate manually or with air compressor
Integrated front wheel chock

Removable front wheel loop for wheel access
Removable rear section for rear wheel access
32-inch deck height
Four tie-down loops for versatility and safety
Narrow deck for unrestricted access to your bike

Kendon’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Kendon is proud to deliver quality products for over 27 years. During that time we have developed revolutionary bike lifts, utility trailers, new motorcycle trailers, and even car trailers. Throughout all of it our commitment to quality has never wavered.

Each one of our premium trailers is handcrafted in our Placentia, California facility.* We build in quality from the start to give our trailers long-lasting value – thousands of older Kendons are rolling down the road in great condition today, all over the world. Our unparalleled resale value is a testament to that quality and customer demand.

Our goal at Kendon is to provide customers with unique, convenient powersports products coupled with unmatched customer service. Each one of our products, from our large utility trailers to our small and portable motorcycle lifts, is designed with convenience in mind. Our trailers and lifts offer one-person operation with fold-up, stand-up capabilities and space-saving functionality. Kendon trailers take up only 27 inches of storage space – that’s about the size of a typical bedroom dresser. Our motorcycle lifts take up only 17 inches, roughly the size of a small office file cabinet.

When it comes to towing, we’ve got you covered. Kendon trailers are so lightweight and compact that you can tow one with almost any vehicle on the road today. An average compact car is all you need to transport a lightweight Kendon folding trailer. We’ve even seen motorcycles towing motorcycles on a Kendon motorcycle trailer, like some sort of space-time vortex.

If you’re looking for exceptional powersports products from an exceptional powersports company, you’re in the right place. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 714.630.7144. We’re here to help.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

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