Why Choose Kendon?

Riding your motorcycle in exotic places is the pinnacle of bike ownership, but getting to your destination shouldn’t be difficult. Why wear yourself out before you get to where you actually want to ride? Thankfully, there are excellent trailers to get your bike or ATV to whatever destination you have in mind. A Kendon Trailer is built to last and is one of the highest quality on the market. Visit Kendon USA today and get yourself the perfect trailer for your ride.

Motorcycle Trailer Types

There are several different types of trailers designed for bikes.

  • For starters, there is the flatbed trailer. This is an open design that is usually used for general purpose hauling. You place the bike on this trailer and tie it down with chains or ropes.
  • Another type of trailer is the enclosed trailer. This is the type that can be used to hall furniture and other household goods. They usually resemble a camper and protect whatever is in side of them from the elements. These are hard to tow if you do not own a vehicle strong enough to carry them.
  • One of the more specialized trailers is the stand-up trailer. These are built especially for bikes and come in different sizes depending on what kind of bike you are carrying. The concept is pretty simple: it functions like an open trailer, except it can be folded up like a dolly when not in use. Thanks to this design, it takes up less space when being stored away in the garage or in a storage area.


Why Choose Kendon?

Kendon Trailers are hand crafted, meaning each one is a quality piece of craftsmanship. Every stand-up design is built with particular styles of bikes in mind, whether it is a Harley Davidson or a Honda. The trailers are designed to be ridden up, so you can drive the bike up onto the trailer, strap it in, and it is ready to go.This means even the heaviest bikes are easy to get up on the trailer, unlike other trailer types that require you to lift the bike up. When you are done with the trailer, you can fold it right up and roll it out of the way, which is much easier than having to store a large enclosed or flatbed trailer.

Each trailer has been created to stand the weight of both the bike and the rider, so you don’t have to worry about the trailer bending because it went over carrying capacity. All Kendon Folding Stand-Up Trailers come standard with casters integrated into the design so you can maneuver it easily into the storage area.They have high quality, chrome rims with radial tires that are rugged and durable for road use. The finish is industrial-grade powder coating, meaning it won’t get easily scratched or messed up even on your most rugged adventures. Even if you manage to damage a Kendon, extended warranties are available at both 3-year and 5-year.

Kendon USA has been in business for 28 years. They know the business of making trailers, whether they are for motorcycles, utility, or even cars. They are committed to quality and want to make you a product that will last you a lifetime. No matter if it is one of their Stand-up Trailers or one of their other great products, contact us today for whatever you are looking for. You will get great service and an excellent quality product. Call today at (714) 630-7144, or toll free at (800) 847-8616, and get the perfect trailer for your motorcycle.

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