About Kendon Industries, LLC

Established in 1991, Kendon Industries is the originator of a full line of Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers, Utility Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts. The very first trailer that folded up and stood up came at a request of a friend and took up only two feet of floor space in a garage. Since that first motorcycle trailer, Kendon has expanded its product line to include a full range of trailers and lifts for the powersports market. Kendon’s product line tends specifically to the motorcycle, offroad, ATV/UTV, hot rod and classic car markets. Kendon Industries is proud to hold more than two dozen United States Patents on its products. Kendon is recognized as the industry leader in the USA for high quality fold-up Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers and Lifts. Kendon’s full line of motorcycle trailers as well as utility trailers is completely designed and Made in America.

Kendon provides an elegant engineered solution for the handling and transportation of various motorsports vehicles that fit the lifestyle and home of the average enthusiast. Kendon provides these specifically designed trailer models to fit individual riding needs. Our motorcycle and utility trailers deliver a solution to expand your riding adventures as an enthusiast by allowing you to tow your vehicles to new riding locations. Our motorcycle lifts ease your working position by allowing you to stand and not kneel for anything from basic detail work on your motorcycle to heavy duty maintenance and full-on rebuilds.

Kendon's dedicated team of enthusiasts and long term trained professionals is here to serve you and ensure your full enjoyment and experience as an enthusiast and a Kendon Owner. We are proud of our unmatched customer service, parts, technical support and warranty program on all of our bike lifts and trailers for motorcycles. Kendon motorcycle trailers and lifts are stocked nationwide in multiple Powersports dealerships as well as distributed internationally in Canada, Mexico, Europe, China and Australia.

More information about Kendon Industries can always be found on our company website at KendonUSA.com.

Kendon is the original, patented, fold up, stand-up™ design.

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