7 Reasons to Own a Kendon Dirt Bike Lift

Whether your dirt bike needs cleaning, repair or just routine maintenance, it’s never fun to spin wrenches on the ground. Your back, your knees, and your whole body need a better solution. You need a Kendon Stand-Up™ MotoLift™.

Kendon Stand-Up™ dirt bike lifts are designed with the needs of the serious dirt bike owner in mind, offering superior weight capacity, a folding, stand-up design for easy storage, lightweight maneuverability, and much more. Learn more about the Kendon Stand-Up™ MotoLift™ here.


Reasons to Own a Kendon Stand-Up™ MotoLift™ Dirt Bike Lift

Take a look at a few of the reasons why a Kendon Stand-Up™ MotoLift™ could be your favorite tool in the garage:

  1. Innovative Stand-Up™ design for easy storage

    For 25 years, Kendon has been delivering innovative, space-saving products to meet your Powersports needs. Kendon’s dirt bike lifts feature a unique folding, a stand-up design that reduces storage space by over 80%. With a footprint of only 17 in. x 28 in., your lift can store easily in a corner in your garage, leaving plenty of room for the rest of your tools and toys.

  2. Exclusive integrated scissor lift

    The Kendon MotoLift™ is the only motorcycle lift on the market that combines a professional-quality table lift with an integrated scissor jack that lifts your bike off the deck for complete access to the front and rear wheels and suspension. No other lift or bike stand makes it easier to perform every type of maintenance or repair from a complete motor overhaul to suspension re-valving and everything in between.

  3. Impressive weight capacity

    Featuring a 600-lb. weight capacity, Kendon dirt bike lifts are heavy-hitters that can handle any dirt, sport or adventure bike. With incredible power and an ability to accommodate bikes up to 78″ in length, the Kendon MotoLift™ is a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Adjustable height locking

    The Kendon dirt bike lift raises your bike 32 inches tall and offers 5 different locking heights for your convenience. With several working heights to choose from, you’ll be able to adjust your bike to the perfect height for the task at hand–and keep it there.

  5. Air-over-hydraulic jack

    The unique air-over-hydraulic jack provides the flexibility to use the lift with air or manual operation. Combine the lightweight, portable construction with the air or manual operation and you have a bike lift that’s perfectly at home in the garage or at the track.

  6. Easy access to all bike parts

    Thanks to the integrated scissor lift as well as a removable front wheel loop and removable rear section, Kendon dirt bike lifts offer total access to every part of your bike. Get your bike off the ground and get access to all those places where the dirt hides.

  7. 1-year warranty

    Experience additional peace of mind knowing that your Kendon dirt bike lift is totally covered by Kendon’s 1-year limited warranty.

Get your Kendon Stand-Up™ MotoLift™ Today

If you want to spend more time riding and less time working on the ground or fiddling with a sub-par lift that hogs an entire bay of your garage, make the smart choice with a Kendon Stand-Up™ MotoLift™. Kendon also offers heavier motorcycle lifts and motorcycle trailers in a wide variety of models to suit your needs. Contact us here, or call 1-800-847-8618 to learn more.

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