Kendon Limited Edition Models

Are you the “Stock is best” type? Or do you believe custom and mods are the way to go? How about your ride? Is it stock? Or did you add your own personal style?

If you like owning something a little different than the guy next door, or you enjoy the upgrade, the supreme, the premium option, then Kendon’s Limited Edition Stand-Up™ Trailers are for you.

We took our top-of-the-line Kendon Stand-Up™ SRL Ride-Up One-Rail and Two-Rail Trailers and gave them the premium treatment with a custom paint job and a package of upgrades and accessories that will make you, your bike, and your trailer stand apart from the crowd.

We start with our award-winning, Stand-Up™, Ride-Up trailer design with our innovative Suspension Reactive Loading (SRL) technology and add:

  • Custom orange & black two-tone powder coating
  • Aluminum-alloy, five-spoke wheels with radial tires
  • Full-size spare wheel & tire
  • 4 locking ratchet tie-downs and soft ties
  • Custom swing-out license plate holder
  • Crank-down swivel jack stand with dolly wheel
  • LED tail light kit
  • Coupler lock
  • Wheel stops
  • Available in One-Rail Limited Edition or Two-Rail Limited Edition models

The end result is a trailer and accessory package that looks as good as it performs. All the goodies and extras are included to help you get the most from your towing experience. And if you don’t like orange, you can get the Limited Edition models in black with the same accessory and upgrade package. Don’t like black? Call us to get your trailer custom powder-coated in a variety of colors for a small additional charge.

Limited Edition, standard model or a truly one-of-a-kind creation, Kendon has the right trailer for you. Call or visit for more details.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

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