Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Kendon Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift
Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift

Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift


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Part #: BLC107AH

Stand-Up™ Folding Bike Lift for anything from large American V-Twin and metric cruisers, including Harley-Davidson, Goldwing and Indian, to Dirt Bikes, Sportbikes, Scooter and Moped applications.

Weight: 185 lbs
Capacity: 1000 lbs
Standing Height: 74 inches
Max Width: 28 inches
Depth: 17 inches
Operation: Air / Hydraulic
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Kendon® Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Lift for Road Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Scooters and Mopeds

(Videos and pictures are representational only and do not reflect the full design of the lift, if you have questions about the features and design please give us a call before placing your order)


The Kendon Motorcycle Lift is designed to fold up and stand up out of your way when not in use. Yet, it’s capable of lifting 1,000 lbs. just like the bigger and heavier non-folding lifts. Our bike lifts perform all the same tasks a professional motorcycle lift can do, but they take up a minimal amount of space in your garage so you have more room for bikes, cars and other equipment. The footprint of a Kendon bike lift is only 17 in. x 26 in. so you can always find a spot to store it when you’re not wrenching or cleaning. The lift is roughly the same width as a push broom and will fit right through any standard door without the need to turn it when it’s rolled on the integrated casters. But why would you want to get it through a door? Well, at only 185 lbs. you can easily roll it on it’s casters, throw it in back of your car, truck or SUV and take it to the track, to your buddy’s house, or wherever you need it whenever you need it. And you can actually use it whenever, wherever! The air-over-hydraulic operation lets you actuate the lift using the hand pump or an air compressor.

The Cruiser Bike Lift is perfect for American V-Twin and metric cruiser motorcycles and heavyweight street bikes, including Harley-Davidson, Indian and Goldwing models. With a 1,000-pound capacity this folding motorcycle lift can accommodate almost any bike on the road today. These bike lifts can fit a bike up to 95″ long (measured from the front of the front wheel to the center of back wheel) and have the lifting power to get the job done.

We know you like to get close and personal with your bikes, get them running and looking good. We do too, so our motorcycle lifts feature narrow-rail construction so you can get up close to your bike to perform any maintenance work and/or cleaning without having to worry about the lift and bike tipping over as soon as you touch anything. Kendon’s Bike Lifts have a large footprint similar to industrial size motorcycle lifts that provides a stable working environment. No need to worry about bumping into the lift and having it tip over with your bike on top.

If you’re looking to simply clean your bike, perform routine maintenance, undertake a complete overhaul, or display your motorcycle at a bike show, our folding motorcycle lifts are the perfect solution. And when you’re done, it stores nicely tucked away in the corner.

What’s new on the latest Folding Motorcycle Lift Model

We’ve changed and added a few features on the latest Kendon folding motorcycle lifts to make them even more versatile and easier to use.  Automatic height lock, improved air/hydraulic cylinder and more. We also increased the overall stability and rigidity so that you can safely and confidently use the lift with practically any model bike.

We redesigned the safety bar and height lock so that it automatically engages as the lift is actuated, so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong and your bike crashing down.  We made some tricky changes to the air and hydraulic cylinder so you will now have more control over a controlled descent. This means that controlling the descent is much easier so you can lower your bike as quickly or as s-l-o-w-l-y as you want.

Few more minor changes and additions include a safety bar insert to securely disengage the safety bar, adjusted ball joints for improved manual pump actuation, longer release knob, and adjusted air hose retention clips to avoid potential crushing.

Full range of accessories specifically designed for the folding motorcycle lifts. Optional accessories include 18" and 36" tool trays, bike lift frame jack with frame support, and an oil drain pan with drain hose.

Stand-Up™ Bike Lift Features & Benefits

Kendon’s bike lifts feature an air-over-hydraulic jack with extruded aluminum housing for improved valving and slow, controlled descent. The lift can be used manually with the included hand lever or using a compressor. A minimum 120 psi with a 5 gallon tank air compressor is all that is required to actuate the lift. A multi-position adjustable folding wheel chock along with a five-position height lock keep your bike securely in place.

Key motorcycle lift features and benefits:

  • Innovative patented folding stand-up™ design saves space
  • 17 in. x 26 in. footprint fits almost anywhere
  • Air-over-hydraulic jack can be used with manual pump or air compressor
  • Two front tie-down loops, two rear tie-down loops to secure motorcycle
  • Integrated multi-position removable front wheel chock
  • Six-position adjustable height lock
  • Working height of 32″ fully raised
  • Removable front loop for front wheel access
  • Removable rear section for rear wheel access
  • Narrow-rail construction for complete, easy access to your ride
  • Built-in caster rollers for easy maneuverability
  • Powder-coated frame
  • 1-year warranty
  • Oil drain pan, frame jack, and service tray optional accessories available
  • Perfect for bike cleaning, maintenance, and service work

Kendon Patented Folding Motorcycle Lift Uncrating and Assembly Process

Ship Weight

247 lbs


70 × 30 × 15 in


Model: Heavyweight Folding Stand-Up Motorcycle Lift
Part Number: BLC107AH
Color: Black
Frame Material: Steel Tubing
Paint/Coating: Powder Coated
Operation: Air-Over-Hydraulic (Manual or Air Assist)
Max Height: 32″ Fully Raised
Min Height: 8″ Fully Retracted
Weight: 185 lbs.
Load Capacity: 1000 lbs.
Maximum Length: 97″
Width: 28″
Depth: 17″
Standing Height: 74”
Standing Footprint: 17” x 28”
Length from Front Tire to Rear Axle: 95″ (Max Bike Measurement)
Rail Width: Outside to Outside: 10″
Compressor Requirements: 120 PSI with 5 Gallon Tank (or greater)
Ramp: 1 Ramp, 24″ x 10″ (included)

Country of Origin: China
Bike Lift Capabilities: One (1) Cruiser Style Bike, including Harley-Davidson, Goldwing, and metric cruisers

1.) Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) excludes destination freight charges, tax, title, license, handling, dealer fees and optional equipment.

2.) Maximum Length refers to the unfolded/open trailer length measured from the front of the front loop to the back of the rear folding section.

3.) Max vehicle measurement is measured from the front of the vehicle’s front tire(s) to the center of the rear axle.

4.) Due to the vast number of different vehicles, trailer applications, capabilities and functions may vary. Please contact Kendon with your specific application to ensure the product fits your needs.

Photos shown are representational photos only. Kendon reserves the right to technical changes and model changes. Models shown equipped with standard equipment only. Optional equipment not included. Accessories are optional.

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