Stand-Up Folding Motorcycle Lifts and Bike Lift for Motorbikes

Kendon Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Lifts

Our patented folding stand-up motorcycle lifts are the perfect addition to your garage. Performance and convenience collide with the Kendon lift. Built to handle any size bike yet fold up and stand up when not in use, our bike lifts deliver unmatched space-saving convenience and professional-grade performance. Work easier with Kendon.

Kendon Bike Lift Key Features and Benefits

Space-Saving Design
Kendon Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Lifts do everything a motorbike lift should – except take up space! The folding stand-up design takes up minimal space in your garage when not in use. With a footprint of only 17” x 28”, everyone has space for a Kendon bike lift.

Maximum Capacity
Our bike lifts are perfect for everything from light to heavy-duty work on your bike, including routine maintenance, cleaning, and detailing your bike. The Heavyweight bike lift capacity of 1,000 pounds is perfect for larger cruiser style motorcycles. The Sport and Dirt Bike Lift capacities of 600 pounds are ideal for sport bikes, dirt bikes, scooters, adventure bikes, and other smaller Street Bikes.

Total Versatility
The air-over-hydraulic jack makes the motorcycle lifts usable anywhere. Use your compressor at home for quick, convenient air operation. Put the manual pump to work at the track or when a compressor isn’t available for use anywhere. Either way your Kendon bike lift raises to a comfortable working deck height of up to 32 inches. And Kendon Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Lifts are designed to be lightweight, making it easy to take your lift wherever you go – to the track, to your buddy’s house, or right at home in the garage.

Work Made Easy
Kendon bike lifts feature a narrow platform design so you can get up close to work on your bike. No more leaning over a wide lift deck to get to your machine. Get personal with your bike on a Kendon lift. When it’s time to service the front wheel, pull two pins and the front loop slips right off giving you full access to the front wheel. Rear wheel service? No problem. Pull two pins there and drop the entire rear section.

Comfort and Convenience
Whether you’re turning wrenches or shining chrome, nobody likes to work on their hands and knees. Riding your bike is fun, and working on it should be too. Improve the experience with a Kendon lift. Raise your bike off the ground and take the pressure off your joints and back. Work easier with Kendon.


  • Air-over-hydraulic jack with extruded aluminum housing for improved valving and slow, controlled descent
  • Adjustable and removable front wheel chock fits nearly all front wheel sizes
  • Auto-locking height position bracket
  • Molded front foot stops for greater stability when loading
  • And more


“Kendon’s new MotoLift™ is so easy to use that I find myself making up maintenance stuff to do!” – Paul Golde, buyer of MotoLift™ Serial #001.