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Utility UTV Motorcycle Trailer Cover
Utility UTV Motorcycle Trailer Cover

Utility UTV Motorcycle Trailer Cover

Part #: CVR305



Custom Fit Motorcycle Trailer Cover for Kendon Utility Trailer

Don't let your trailer stand outside Naked! Kendon Motorcycle Trailer Covers will help keep your motorcycle trailer looking like new.

Fits: UT305SXS

Why Purchase This Custom Fit Utility Trailer Cover?

Indoor Storage: If you store your trailer indoors, you really don't need this product, however it will keep the dust off of your trailer and make people wonder what's under the cover. Plus it looks good in your garage.

Outside Storage: Protect your Kendon Utility Trailer from the elements. Kendon uses state of the art powder coating for lasting beauty, but exposed to the elements any finish can be affected.

FACT: Your trailer is all metal (except for the tires). Sun, Wind, Rain, Snow, extreme temperatures are brutal over time and eventually will dull or oxidize almost any finish. It even affects the tires.

An industrial rated trailer cover is the best effective protective barrier to the nasty elements to preserve the finish of your Kendon Trailer.

Custom Fit Trailer Cover Features & Benefits

  • Custom Fit, specific to trailer model, does not trap water and debris.
  • Protects your Utility Trailer from the elements.
  • Made from 600D Oxford fabric with PVC coating on the inside and zipper bag for convenient storage when not in use.
  • Double Stitched, interlocked seams offer superior strength and water resistance.


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What’s different about this cover and the previous one you used to sell?
A: The new covers are designed for outdoor use and are custom fit to each trailer. The double stitched, interlocked seams offer superior strength and water resistance. The new trailer covers are made from 100% Polyester; old covers were made from Nylon. While both materials are durable and lightweight, polyester is faster drying and more abrasion resistant. Both Polyester and Nylon are hydrophobic (meaning they don’t absorb water), but polyester resists pilling better than nylon and has better water-wicking ability, which means it is much faster drying than nylon. Finally, when it comes to color retention, because of its water-wicking ability, dyed polyester expels the water in the dye but not the dye itself, which bonds to the fibers. The result: longer lasting color with little fading.

Q: Are you saying that my Kendon trailer will rust?
A: Yes. Kendon uses the best industrial finishes available for long term durability. Depending on how harsh the climate and the length of time, any finish will eventually be affected by the elements.

Q: What’s the big deal about the custom fit? Why not just buy a cheap tarp?
A: Water, Wind and Dirt. A custom fit cover stays on. A custom fit cover does not form pockets to trap water and debris. Think of the custom fit like a full fairing on a bike. The rain, snow and dirt roll off of it and don’t lay on it. If it blows away it is likely that the trailer will go with it.

Photos shown are representational photos only. Kendon reserves the right to technical changes and model changes. Models shown equipped with standard equipment only. Optional equipment not included. Accessories are optional.

NOTE: The custom fit trailer cover may not fit onto the trailer with certain accessories installed on the trailer. Kendon recommends removing any accessories prior to storing your trailer and using the cover.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you are ordering the correct part for your model trailer. If you have ANY doubts, please Contact Us for assistance with the purchase.

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