Kendon Premium Series Folding Motorcycle Trailers

Kendon Stand-Up™ Premium Series Folding Motorcycle Trailers

Lasting quality in a space-saving folding motorcycle trailer! – Kendon’s Premium Stand-Up™ Folding Motorcycle Trailers are specifically designed to fold up and stand up to use minimal storage space in the garage or any other place where you want to store your trailer. No extra parking space or storage unit needed. In many cases, a full size car and the trailer folded can fit it one parking space.

Each Premium Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer is hand-crafted from American steel in our Southern California facility.  We cut the steel, we bend the steel and we weld the steel in our fabrication fixtures to ensure the highest level of quality with each one of our motorcycle trailers. Once the trailers are ready for powder coat, they don't travel far. We select only industry leading powder coating providers to ensure a long lasting finish on your trailer.  By selecting local coaters we're able to provide full color customization options with fast turnaround times and no additional cost to you. Choose from 9 different color options with multiple color combinations and 5 different rim styles to give your trailer a unique look or match your bike and vehicle. We understand the hassles of shipping large products, so we take care of delivery for you with nationwide shipping at no additional cost. If you're a cost conscious rider this product may not be for you, but fear not as we have a cost-effective solution for you with our Go! Series folding motorcycle trailers.  Once you're ready to explore, please select a trailer model below for more information. We offer everything from lightweight dirt bike trailers up to full size cruiser trailers capable of towing 2,000 lbs. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and a live customer service representative will be able to assist you.