Things to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Trailer

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most thrilling experiences in the world. There’s nothing like the feel of the wind around you as ride, whether it’s taking in the scenery of a quiet backroad or exploring the busy streets of a new town. If it were practical, you’d ride your bike everywhere, but sometimes that’s not the best option. When circumstances require that you tow your motorcycle, only the best trailer will do, and at Kendon, we offer a variety of trailers to meet your needs.


How to Choose a Motorcycle Trailer

After deciding that you need a motorcycle trailer, there are several points to consider before selecting one. A motorcycle is an expensive investment, so it makes sense to ensure that the trailer you tow it on is going to protect it.

  • Towing capacity of vehicle: In order to pick a trailer that is a good fit, you must first know how much weight your vehicle can safely tow. This information is typically found in the owner’s manual of the vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle can handle the combined weight of the trailer, motorcycle and any additional cargo you may plan to haul. Be sure to also consider the amount of tongue weight placed on the hitch. We offer trailers compatible with a variety of vehicles.
  • How many bikes? A very important factor in deciding on a motorcycle trailer is the number of bikes to be carried. It is a critical question because you need to be certain the trailer has enough space. If in doubt, consider a trailer that will hold more than one bike. After all, if it will carry two, it can handle one, but if it is designed for only one, it can’t handle two. Our Stand-Up™ trailers are available in sizes that will carry one or two bikes or up to two ATVs.
  • Safety features: Make sure that the trailer has safety features such as lights and adequate tie-down locations. These items help ensure that your bike arrives at the destination safely. All Kendon trailers are equipped with DOT-approved lights and four tie-down locations for each bike.
  • Weight of trailer: Of course, you need to consider the weight of the trailer. The more weight a vehicle tows, the more fuel it will burn. While it is important that the trailer is strong enough to support whatever is placed on it, strength does not necessarily mean a trailer must be heavy. At Kendon, we design our trailers to be strong and durable without being heavy. You’ll not only save money on fuel, you’ll be able to operate your trailer by yourself.
  • Design elements: Many trailer manufacturers don’t consider things like storage space. Our trailers fold up and stand up, allowing them to be stored vertically instead of flat, requiring only 27 inches of space in your garage. They also feature a “Tie Down Engineering Eliminator Torsion Axle” with independent suspension and replaceable spindles, providing a superior ride. If you have a larger bike, guiding it onto a trailer can be quite difficult. We’ve addressed that problem with our “Raised Rail Guidance System” to help you position your bike properly on the trailer.
  • Warranty: A purchase as important as a motorcycle trailer should have a warranty in the event something goes wrong. Our trailers come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, with 3-year and 5-year factory extended warranties available.

Choose Kendon Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailers

All Kendon trailers are made in Placentia, California, of U.S. steel and components. We offer a wide variety of trailers sure to meet your needs. We understand how important your bike is to you and want to help you protect your investment. Take a look at our complete line, or call 800-847-8618 to speak with one of our professionals and learn more.

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