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Kendon® Stand-Up™ Folding Trailer Premium Model Options

Lasting quality in a space-saving folding trailer!  – Kendon’s Premium Stand-Up™ Folding Trailers are specifically designed to fold up and stand up to use minimal storage space in your garage or wherever you store your trailer. No parking space or storage unit needed.

  • Dual Ride-Up SRL Folding Motorcycle Trailer

  • Single Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer

  • Stand-Up™ Dirt Bike Trailer, Sport Bike & Scooter Trailer

  • Stand-Up™ Utility Trailer – Off Road ATV Trailers

  • Dual Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer & Cargo Trailer

  • Single Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer

  • Trike/Spyder Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer

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    Smart Car Trailer Folding Stand-Up Trailer

    $4,499.95 $3,999.95

NEW Kendon Go! Series™ Folding Motorcycle Trailers

Quality and Affordability! – The brand New Go! Series™ motorcycle trailers combine the industry leading innovative design and engineering skills that define Kendon quality with more value-oriented materials and features to deliver a cost effective trailer that fits the needs of enthusiast and professional alike.

Kendon Go! Series Folding Motorcycle TrailersThe Kendon Go! Series™ line of trailers was developed with the cost-conscious enthusiast in mind who does not want to be forced to use a “low-end” alternative but can instead use Kendon quality products with confidence. Just like our premium models, the Go! Series trailers feature our patented Stand-Up™ folding trailer option, lightweight frame geometry and independent torsion suspension for a smooth and comfortable towing experience. Everyone can now own a patented quality piece of Kendon engineering to safely and confidently transport their beloved vehicles.

Space-Saving Folding Trailer with No Excuses

Everyone has space for a Kendon!  – Our unique, patented folding stand-up design takes up minimal storage space; about the size of a standard chest of drawers or dresser. At only 27 inches deep, Kendon folding trailers easily fold up, stand up and fit in any standard home garage.

Forgot to eat your Wheaties? No problem!  – Kendon’s lightweight design and perfectly balanced chassis means easy one-person operation. Just stand your trailer up and roll it into place on the convenient rolling casters. Easy as that.

Made in America!  – Our premium line of Kendon folding trailers are handcrafted right here, in America, from American-made components.***

The right tool for the right job!  – We offer a wide variety of folding trailers to fit your needs and your budget. Choose our Premium or Go! Series line of trailers. Next, choose from single-bike, two-bike, three-bike, or folding utility trailers depending on the size and quantity of vehicles you want to haul. Finally, choose either push-up or ride-up trailer options. Our ride-up trailers feature extra-wide ramps and wider rear sections for safe foot placement as you ride your bike onto your folding trailer. No matter the bike, machine, or job, we have a Kendon trailer for you.

Go. Ride.  – You love motorcycles. We do too. But we also realize that sometimes the destination is more important than the journey, and sometimes too much seat time is not fun. When that’s the case, load your bike on a Kendon folding trailer and get there in comfort. Then ride!

We Offer Financing! – Finance trailer purchases by selecting PayPal Credit in your Cart before checking out.

Folding Trailer Key Features & Benefits

  • Innovative, patented, folding, stand-up design
  • Proven performance since 1991
  • Aerodynamic design for less drag for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Patented, proprietary Dexter Torsion Axle with tuned independent suspension and replaceable spindles for less flex and a superior ride
  • Triangulated round tube chassis with integrated box beam mount axle makes the axle a stressed component of the chassis delivering higher torsional and vertical stability over traditional trailer designs
  • Lighter weight and higher strength delivers increased load capacity with exceptional maneuverability and towing performance
  • Less weight = higher MPG
  • Easy to fold up and stand up for storage requiring only 27 inches of storage space
  • Exceptionally smooth ride – nothing tows like a Kendon
  • Kendon folding trailers can be rebuilt and upgraded with replacement and upgrade parts
  • 1-year trailer manufacturer’s warranty and limited 5-year axle manufacturer’s warranty*
  • Full 3-year and 5-year Kendon Factory Extended Warranty available**
  • Hand crafted in Placentia, California using American steel and components***
  • #1 Choice of Industry Professionals

2015-17 Improvements & Upgrades

Our latest folding trailers deliver an easier loading and unloading experience, a smoother ride and increased tire reliability with less rolling resistance and higher wear that delivers higher MPG.

Raised Rail Guidance System with Oversized Tubing
You simply cannot see the front wheel of some of the heavy weight touring bikes for loading and unloading. The new design provides superior guidance of the front wheel into and out of the wheel chock.**

Wheel Chock with Changed Leverage and New Pivot Point
Easier to pull a super heavyweight bike out of the wheel chock when unloading. New contour design hugs closer to the tire giving greater clearance for chin fairings and low fenders.**

13″ Radial Tires on Chrome Wheels as Standard Equipment on every folding trailer
Standard equipment on all Kendon Folding Trailers. Softer, smoother and quieter ride (you’ll feel it). Improved fuel economy, wider flat footprint for better tire wear, reduced blow out risk at high loads and high speeds. Superior puncture resistance and better tracking.


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*Warranty where applicable, refer to Trailer Owner’s Manual and Warranty Card for details.

**Available on select products only.  Factory Extended Warranty available on select products only.

***Applies to select premium Kendon Stand-Up™ trailers and components.  Excludes Kendon Go! Series™ trailers.

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