Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailer Delivery & Assembly Checklist

So, you’ve got a shiny new Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailer on the way. Congratulations! You made an excellent choice and invested in a top-quality trailer that will last for years and years. Let’s make sure you get started right by checking a few items off the list.


Here are few things that will help you get the most from your Kendon Trailer:


Delivery inspection:

  • Perform a full inspection of your new trailer BEFORE you sign for it
  • Check for damage to the packaging materials and outside of the shipment
  • If damage appears on the packaging, investigate further
  • Note all damage on the shipping company paperwork (Bill of Lading)
  • Call Kendon at 714.630.7144 if damage is present
  • Refuse shipment if damage is excessive – this is the best way to protect yourself



  • Hopefully your shipment arrived undamaged and it’s time to open your new toy!
  • Please watch the Kendon Uncrate and Assembly Video on YouTube here
  • Carefully cut away the shrink wrap and cardboard packaging materials using a box cutter or similar tool
  • Remove padding and additional packaging materials
  • Locate all loose items, including:
  1. Two wheels/tires
  2. Spare wheel/tire if ordered
  3. Cardboard box containing small parts
  4. Large box containing accessories (Limited Edition models only)
  • If any of the above items are missing, please call us immediately
  • Remove the Owner’s Manual from the frame rail and read thoroughly
  • Cut the metal banding straps using tin snips or similar tool
  • Remove wood crate pieces as needed to access wheel hubs
  • Install both wheels
  • Remove trailer from crate base as indicated in video



  • Attach trailer to hitch ball if possible
  • Install left and right tail light assemblies as indicated in video and Owner’s Manual
  • Torque wheel lug nuts to 90-120 ft-lbs as indicated in Owner’s Manual


Safety checklist:

  • Read the Owner’s Manual thoroughly prior to use
  • Please call Kendon Industries, LLC if you have any questions prior to use
  • Verify the coupler fits properly on your hitch ball
  • Please consult your local Kendon dealer or trailer/hitch provider if you are uncertain about the fit of the coupler on the ball
  • Re-torque wheel lug nuts after the first 50 miles as indicated in the Owner’s Manual
  • Check bolts and nuts for tightness prior to towing
  • Periodically check wheel bearing wear by wiggling the unweighted wheel back and forth while the trailer is in the upright position
  • Periodically grease the wheel bearings as indicated in the Owner’s Manual
  • Periodically check your trailer tires for wear and replace as needed
  • Verify you have enough tongue weight when your trailer is fully loaded prior to use
  • It’s a great idea to carry a spare tire for your Kendon trailer in case of emergency


Use and Care:


Extras and Upgrades:

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