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Accessorize to Customize!

Congratulations on your brand-new Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailer or Lift. You made a very wise choice and your garage will thank you for it. So what’s your next step? Accessorize to customize and make it your own.


Accessorize Your Stand-Up™ Trailer

Kendon offers a very wide array of accessories and upgrades to improve your trailering experience and to customize the look and performance of your bike’s new best friend. You accessorize your bike. Now accessorize your trailer, too.





Limited Edition Models

If you don’t want to accessorize for yourself, let us do it for you. Many of the accessories and upgrades are available as a packaged set with these Limited Edition models:

  • One-Rail Limited Edition
  • Two-Rail Limited Edition
  • Each includes:
    • Ride-Up trailer
    • Aluminum Wheel & Tire Kit
    • Spare Wheel & Tire Kit
    • Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand
    • LED Taillight Kit
    • Swing-Out License Plate Holder
    • Couple Lock
    • Tie-Down Kit (one-rail or two-rail, depending on model)
    • Custom two-tone orange and black powder coating


Accessorize Your Stand-Up™ Lift

You’re going to enjoy your Kendon Stand-Up™ Bike Lift. Your back will enjoy it even more. Accessorize to get the most from your new favorite garage tool.



  • Oil Drain Pan – an oil drain pan and hose specially designed to work with your lift
  • Frame Jack – custom-built jack that raises your bike off the lift deck
  • 18” Tool Tray – medium tool and parts tray that attaches to the side of your lift
  • 36” Tool Tray – large tool and parts tray that attaches to the side of your lift


Whoever said stock is best didn’t know motorcyclists. Making it your own with bolt-on parts and accessories is part of the experience and part of the fun. Use these great Kendon products to accessorize your trailer or lift and customize your good time.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

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