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Limited Edition Dual Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer


$4,499.95 + FREE Shipping*

Part #: BB207RULE

Limited Edition Dual Rail Ride On Trailer for Motorcycles – Fits Cruiser style bikes, incl. Harley Davidson, Yamaha Star, Goldwing, Sport Bikes and more.

Weight: 450 lbs
Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Standing Height: 93½ inches
Max Width: 86 inches
Max Length: 123 inches
Depth: 27 inches
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Limited Edition Dual-Rail Ride-Up SRL Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer

The Kendon Limited Edition Dual-Rail Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer is our flagship two-rail ride-up trailer on value-steroids. All the amazing features and benefits of the two-rail ride-up with a great accessory package at a price that can’t be beat.

When in use, the Dual-Rail Ride-Up trailer carries up to two full-size motorcycles with ride-on capabilities and Kendon’s renowned towing performance.

When in storage, the Dual-Rail Ride-Up takes up about the same space as a standard bedroom dresser or chest of drawers.

As a bonus, you’ll get a complete set of trailer accessories at an excellent value and a sharp, two-tone paint job to make your trailer stand out.

Ride-on capabilities

Thanks to our new Suspension Reactive Loading (SRL) frame geometry and suspension design you can now RIDE YOUR BIKES onto the trailer, making it much easier to load heavy, full-size bikes. As you ride your bike onto the trailer the suspension compresses under the weight of the bike, virtually eliminating the ramp-to-trailer apex. Once the bike is loaded, the suspension raises back up and levels the trailer.

Safety first

Our Ride-Up models feature wider loading ramps, wider rear sections, and foot extensions to provide safe foot placement as you ride the bike onto or back the bike off of the trailer.

Room for two

The Dual-Rail trailer features a wide expanded metal/diamond plate deck area designed to hold up to two full-size bikes such as Harley-Davidsons, GoldWings, K1600s, adventure bikes, etc. The heavy-duty torsion-bar axle and hub combination give the Dual-Rail its 2,000-lbs. carrying capacity.


Extra goodies are always fun to get. Get these with your Limited Edition trailer:

  • Orange & black two-tone powder coating
  • Aluminum-alloy five-spoke wheels with radial tires
  • 8 locking ratchet tie downs and soft ties
  • Custom swing-out license plate holder
  • Crank-down swivel jack stand with dolly wheel
  • LED tail light kit
  • Coupler lock
  • Wheel stops
  • Full-size spare wheel & tire

The Limited Edition Dual-Rail SRL Ride-Up Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer is not just a work of art, it’s a Rembrandt. It combines ride-on convenience and safety with a lightweight, user-friendly, space-saving design and an accessory package that provides unparalleled value.

Dual-Rail Ride-Up SRL Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer Features

  • Suspension Reactive Loading frame geometry technology
  • Extra-wide, three-piece, folding loading ramp
  • Rear section extension and over-the-axle foot extensions
  • Two removable rails with integrated front wheel chocks
  • 2,000 lb. carrying capacity

Kendon Folding Stand-Up™ Trailers Standard Features

  • Independent torsion bar suspension
  • Integrated casters for easy maneuverability in storage
  • Lightweight design and construction for simple, one-person operation
  • 13-inch chrome wheels with radial tires
  • Industrial-grade powder coating finish
  • Kendon’s legendary towing performance
  • Made in USA
  • Custom powder coat colors available, call for details
  • 3-year and 5-year Factory Extended Warranty available

2015/16 Kendon Trailer Upgrades and Enhancements

Raised Rail Guidance System with Oversized Tubing
You simply cannot see the front wheel of some of the heavy weight touring bikes for loading and unloading. The new design provides superior guidance of the front wheel into and out of the wheel chock.

Wheel Chock with Improved Leverage and Pivot Point
The new wheel chock makes it much easier to pull a heavyweight bike out of the wheel chock when unloading. New contour design hugs closer to the tire giving greater clearance for chin fairings and low fenders.

13″ Radial Tires on Chrome Wheels as Standard Equipment
Radial tires are now standard equipment on all 2015/16 Kendon trailers. You’ll feel the softer, smoother, quieter ride, and you’ll notice the improved fuel economy, handling, and tire wear, especially at high loads and high speeds

*Free freight to contiguous 48 USA states via standard LTL freight with delivery to a local freight terminal only. Home delivery available for a small fee.


Ride-Up SRL Retrofit Kit
If you own an older Kendon Dual-Rail trailer and want the convenience of the Ride-Up SRL technology, we offer a Retrofit Kit for trailers 2003 and newer. Please visit the Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer Retrofit Kit Page for details.


Weight 660 lbs
Dimensions 90 x 25 x 98 in

Model: Limited Edition Dual Rail Ride-Up SRL Trailer
Part Number: BB207RULE
Standard Color: Custom Two-Tone Orange and Black
Paint/Coating: Powder Coated
Frame Material: Steel Tubing
Deck Area: 60″ x 84″
Deck/Platform Type: Aluminum Diamond Plate (.063 Gage)/Expanded Metal
Deck/Platform Height: 13″
Weight: 450 lbs.
Load Capacity: 2,000 lbs.
Maximum Length: 123″
Width: 86″
Standing Depth: 27″
Standing Height: 93½”
Length from Front Tire to Rear Axle: 95-98″ (Max Bike Measurement)
Width Between Fenders: 71″
Width Between Rails: 40″ center-to-center (removable)
Ramp: 1 ramp, 42″ x 33″ (included)
Wheel/Tire Size: ST175/80R13 – 13″/Radial
Wheel/Rim Type: 5-Spoke Aluminum Wheel
Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5-on-4½”
Hitch Class: Class 2 or Higher (recommended)
Hitch Height: 19″ – 21″
Coupler/Ball Size: 2″
Coupler: Requires 2″ Ball
Electrical Connector: 4-Pin Flat
Suspension Type: Independent Torsion Suspension
Suspension Mounts: Double Mounting Brackets
End-Units/Hubs: Removable Spindle – SuperLube
Tongue Weight: 10% – 15% of Total Load Weight (approximate)
Transportation Capabilities: Up to one (1) Cruiser, Sport, Adventure Touring, Dual Sport and/or Dirt Bikes and/or Cargo

1.) Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) excludes destination freight charges, tax, title, license, handling, dealer fees and optional equipment.

2.) Maximum Length refers to the unfolded/open trailer length measured from the front of the coupler to the back of the rear folding section.

3.) Max bike measurement is measured from the front of the motorcycle’s front tire to the center of the rear axle.

4.) 5-Spoke Aluminum Wheel with Radial Tire upgrade is available for all Kendon trailers.

5.) Hitch Height refers to the standard hitch height, which may vary with vehicle, trailer, and load. Trailer should be level in tow. Check carefully before towing.

6.) Due to the vast number of different vehicles, trailer applications, capabilities and functions may vary. Please contact Kendon with your specific application to ensure the product fits your needs.

Accessories and upgrades on the Limited Edition folding trailer model include:
• NEW Raised Rail and Wheel Chock System for easier loading
• NEW Swing-Out License Plate Holder
• Orange and black Limited Edition custom 2-process, 2-tone powder coat
• Ride-Up SRL technology
• L.E.D. tail lights
• Aluminum wheels with new radial tires
• Full size spare tire and chrome wheel
• Locking security lug nuts to deter wheel theft
• Crank swivel jack stand with dolly wheel
• 4 locking ratchet tie downs and 4 soft ties
• Anti-bolt-cutter coupler lock
• Rollaway trailer wheel stops

Photos shown are representational photos only. Kendon reserves the right to technical changes and model changes. Models shown equipped with standard equipment only. Optional equipment not included. Accessories are optional.

Limited Edition Dual Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer Reviews

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