Kendon Folding Trailer Model Comparison – Kendon Premium vs. Go! Series

Premium Series Go! Series
Series Kendon Premium Series Folding Trailers Kendon Go! Series Folding Trailers
Models Single, Single Ride-Up SRL, Dual, Dual Ride-Up SRL, 3-Rail Combo, ATV/Utility, Trike/Spyder, SmartCar Single, Single Ride-Up, Dual Ride-Up
Part Numbers BB107, BB107RU, BB207, BB207RU, DB507, UT305, UT305SXS, BB307RU, UT305SC BB107-GO, BB107RU-GO, BB207RU-GO
MSRP1 $2,999.95 – $4,649.95 $1,799.95 – $2,699.95
Available from Dealers Yes, nationwide (Locate a Dealer) No, Kendon-direct only (Go! Shop)
Standard Color(s) Any Standard Color or Custom Color Match. (Std. Colors: Black Gloss, Gloss White, Gloss Blue, Gloss Green, Gloss Orange, Gloss Red, Gloss Yellow, Silver Gloss, Chrome) (imageKendon Powder Coat Color Options Kendon Powder Coat Color Options) Black
Paint/Coating Powder Coated – Cardinal Paint Powder Coated – Generic Brand
Frame Material Steel Tubing Steel Tubing
Frame Material Type ASTM Grade A513 Q235 (ASTM equivalent A36)
Frame Material Source Domestic. California, USA Import
Deck/Platform Type Aluminum Diamond Plate Aluminum Diamond Plate
Fenders Custom formed shell and dimpled support brackets with low profile aerodynamic design (more infoCustom fender shell formed to Kendon specifications provides a minimal gap between fender and wheel for both a low profile look and improved aerodynamics when towing. The fender is mounted directly to the torsion arm so it can travel with the wheel as the axle absorbs shock. The Kendon specific fender brackets include a “dimple” in the main support bracket along with full triangulation for added strength.) (imageLow profile aerodynamic fender and triangulated support brackets Kendon Premium Series Trailer Fenders) (imageKendon Premium vs. Go! Series Trailer Fenders Kendon Premium vs. Go! Series Trailer Fenders) Generic shell, formed support brackets (imageKendon Go! Series Fenders Kendon Go! Series Trailer Fenders) (imageKendon Premium vs. Go! Series Trailer Fenders Kendon Premium vs. Go! Series Trailer Fenders)
Rails (Motorcycle trailers only) Raised rail guidance, flared out (more infoRaised rail extends up 3.5″ from the deck of the trailer to help safely guide the motorcycle front wheel into the wheel chock without rolling over the rail. This assures that your front wheel is guided directly into the chock so the bike does not have to be backed out for multiple attempts. The shorter rail with flared out ends provides extra time to align the front wheel with the rail so the motorcycle can be safely loaded onto the trailer. The flat deck area between the rail allows you to easily maneuver almost any size front wheel into the chock.) (imageKendon Raised Trailer Rail Guidance System Kendon Motorcycle Trailer Shortened Raised Rail) Classic, straight (more infoKendon’s classic rail captures the front tire of the motorcycle to guide the bike into the wheel chock at the apex of the ramp when visibility of the rail is minimal during loading. The rail is higher near the wheel chock to prevent the tire from rolling out of its track.) (imageKendon Classic Rail System Kendon Classic Trailer Rail and Wheel Chocks for Go! Series Motorcycle Trailer)
Wheel Chocks (Motorcycle trailer only) Low profile, open design with interchangeable wedge size options (more infoKendon’s low profile wheel chock with interchangeable wedges is the most versatile wheel chock available. The low profile open design does not interfere with rims or low fenders. Use the wide wheel chock wedge for fat front tires, the narrow wheel chock wedge for skinny tires, or don’t use a wedge at all if you want the most minimal contact with your wheel. From heavyweight fat tire cruisers to skinny scooter tires, any combination of wide, narrow, tall and short wedge options are available for almost any application.) (imageLow Profile Wheel Chock with Interchangeable Wedges – Coming February 2018! Kendon Trailer Low Profile Wheel Chock with Interchangeable Wedges) Classic, closed cradle (more infoTried and true, the Kendon classic wheel chock can still hold up against the best. The closed cradle design hugs the front tire holding it tight in the massive chock as to not lose grip and keep the bike upright. This motorcycle wheel chock has truly stood the test of time since we first introduced it in 2001. It can hold a fat tire, a narrow tire, or anything in between. But we must caution- be careful with this chock and low fenders or fairings as this beast of a chock doesn’t let anything get in its way to get a grip on that fresh rubber.) (imageLow Profile Wheel Chock with Interchangeable Wedges – Coming February 2018! Go! Series Trailer Rail and Motorcycle Wheel Chock)
Trailer Weight Single (BB107) – 300 lbs.
Single Ride-Up (BB107RU) – 350 lbs.
Dual Ride-Up (BB207RU) – 450 lbs.
Go! Single (BB107-GO) – 320 lbs.
Go! Single Ride-Up (BB107RU-GO) – 365 lbs.
Go! Dual Ride-Up (BB207RU-GO) – 501 lbs.
Load Carrying Capacity 1,000 lbs. – 2,000 lbs. 1,000 lbs. – 2,000 lbs.
Wheel/Rim Type 13″ Alloy / Aluminum Rims – 4 styles (Raceline 850, Raceline 855, Raceline 860, Raceline 870) (imageAlloy Wheel Options Alloy Wheels - Kendon Trailer Aluminum Wheels) 13″ Steel, Chrome Plated, 8-Spoke (image13″ Chrome Trailer Wheel with Radial Tire Go! Series Chrome Trailer Wheels and Radial Tires)
Tire Size TrailXtreme 13″ Radial – ST175/80R13 13″ Radial – ST175/80R13
Tire Balance Balanced May require balancing
Wheel Bolt Pattern 5-on-4½ 5-on-4½
Hitch Class Class 2 or Higher recommended Class 2 or Higher recommended
Suspension Dexter Axle – Kendon custom Dexter Hybrid Torsion Axle Kendon custom torsion axle
Suspension Source Domestic. Georgia, USA Import
Suspension Type Independent Torsion Suspension with SRL (more infoWhat’s SRL? The acronym is short for “Suspension Reactive Loading,” or more simply put, it eliminates the apex created by a traditional ramp angle and the bed of the trailer when loading and unloading a motorcycle. The independent torsion suspension on the Kendon trailer works with the loading ramp to eliminate the apex and creates a smooth parallel surface for loading and unloading. This means that there is a much lower angle when loading/unloading a bike and virtually no point to hit the frame of the bike. The weight of the motorcycle compresses the suspension while loading, lowering the back part of the bed of the trailer, and raises it back up to towing height after the bike is fully loaded onto the trailer.) Independent Torsion Suspension
Suspension Mounts Kendon Exclusive Double Mounting Brackets Kendon Exclusive Double Mounting Brackets
End-Units/Hubs Removable Spindle – SuperLube “No Touch” internal lubrication system with easy access (zerk type) port fitting. Easy access dust cap grommet for greasing. (more infoThe Kendon axle hub manufactured by Dexter Axle comes equipped with the Super Lube spindle system which offers a “No Touch” lubrication system to make the axle maintenance as painless as possible. The easily accessible internal lubrication port fitting (zerk fitting) is exposed by removing the rubber grommet on the end of the hub. From there when the time comes to change the grease, simply attach a grease gun and you can flush out the entire system. The internal lubrication channel allows for maximum flushing of the existing lubricant while filling the system with new lubricant. The triple lip spring loaded seal provides greatly improved sealing over single and double lip seals while the completely sealed lubrication reservoir chamber allows maximum lubrication. Should the need occur to fully rebuild or repack the bearings, the dust cap cover can be easily removed exposing the necessary hardware to access the bearings.) (imageDexter Trailer Hub with Super Lube Spindle Kendon Dexter Axle Super Lube Trailer Hub System) Removable Spindle – Manual grease/full repack, no zerk fitting. (more infoGo! Series Trailer Hubs feature a sealed lubrication reservoir chamber that provides excellent lubrication during long hauls. The removable spindle and hub system can be fully rebuilt should the need occur. Simply remove the outer dust cap cover to access the internal hardware to fully rebuild or repack bearings. Please refer to the Go! Series Trailer Owner’s Manual for details.) (imageKendon Go! Series Trailer Hubs and Spindles Kendon Go! Series Trailer Hubs)
Fastener/Hardware Units Imperial/USCS Metric
Fastener/Hardware Grade High Grade, best fitment Value-Oriented
Fabrication Method Handcrafted in individual fixtures. Made in USA. Mass produced
Warranty Limited Warranty – 1-year frame, 5-years axle (Optional 3-year and 5-year extended warranty available). Limited Warranty – 1-year frame, 1-year axle.