Trailer Test: Kendon Single Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up Trailer

Trailer Test:

Our friends at Rider Magazine recently wrote a great product review of the Kendon Single Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up™ Trailer. It’s a great trailer test from an industry-leading multipurpose motorcycle magazine. Rider Magazine is a leader in motorcycle journalism with some of the most seasoned and respected writers in the business.


Rider put the Kendon Single Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up™ Trailer through a trailer test over a long, ten-month stretch where it was used by their staff for bike tests, tracks days, and photo shoots. The product test process can be grueling and difficult. Long days, rough conditions, editors who are paid to produce stories, not take care of equipment. Through it all the Kendon trailer stood its ground and passed this trailer test with flying colors. In the end, the Rider staff loved the trailer enough to ask to keep it for a long-term trailer test. Look for a follow-up review in another year or two after they’ve had a chance to really abuse it.


Behind the Scenes:

What the trailer test in Rider didn’t mention was the little mishap that occurred along the way. A couple of months into the test we got a call from the Editor. Seems someone had stolen the trailer’s license plate. While getting lunch or gas or both, someone snagged the plate off the back of the trailer. A police report and a few trips to the DMV later, the magazine had a plate again and the trailer test was back underway. There’s probably a lesson to be learned there; something about Loctite and visible parking spaces. We’ll leave that up to you.


Online & Social:

Be sure to check out the test in the October issue of Rider Magazine.

You can also see it online here:

Check out Rider on Twitter at: @ridermagazine. And join the conversation on the Kendon social media channels.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

Trailer test of the Kendon Single Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up Trailer

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