Kendon Trike Trailer Tie-Down Method

Tie-Down Points on a Kendon Trike Trailer

You may be wondering how to secure your Harley-Davidson or conversion trike to a Kendon Trike Trailer. Your trike should have several anchor points that work quite well with the layout of our Kendon Trike Trailer. Here are some notes and options:


Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailers require that you tie your vehicle down with four points. The rear of your Spyder should be anchored to the tie-down loops on the axle. Failure to do so will allow the rear section of the trailer to bounce and will wear out the rear section hinges prematurely. Please note that excessive wear of the hinges from failure to secure the rear section properly will void your warranty. So please, always tie down to four points, including the axle loops.

Ratcheting tie-downs

Always use top-quality, ratcheting tie-downs. You can apply much more force with ratcheting tie-downs than standard tie-downs. The force is needed to produce a safe, secure ride. Pick up four quality, ratcheting tie-downs from your local motorcycle shop or try these from Kendon.
[pic-ratchet tie-downs]

Soft ties

You’ve got a really nice machine you plan to trailer. Keep it nice by using soft ties to protect you trike’s finish. Kendon sells soft ties, or you can pick them up at most shops. You should have at least four, eight is better. And you may want to have some long and some short.
[pic-soft ties]


Trailer anchor points

Front rail

Your Kendon Trike Trailer has a wrap-around front rail that acts not only as a wheel stop for your front wheels, but the perfect anchor for your tie-downs. The rail is built of thick tubular steel and welded strong, so feel free to use any part of the rail or uprights you need. Use your soft ties around the posts or rail, or hook the tie-down hook directly to it. Here are some examples:


Front rail anchor point. Click to enlarge.


Front rail anchor point. Click to enlarge.


Front rail, front post. Click to enlarge.

You can use the upright posts to provide leverage to pull the tie-downs in the right direction. With all the various anchor points, rails, and posts, you can find the right configuration for your vehicle.

Use the posts for direction and leverage. Click to enlarge.

Loop soft ties around, under, or over the rail and posts depending on the desired height for your anchor points.

Soft tie loop options. Click to emlarge.


Axle loops

Your Kendon Trike Trailer has a tie-down loop welded to the top of the axle right under the frame rail on each side. It is critical that you anchor the rear of the bike to these axle loops. These tie-downs will pull the rear of the bike down and stop the rear section from bouncing. Use your soft ties to loop through the axle loops.

Axle tie-down loop. Click to enlarge.


Trike anchor points

Front Guards & Frame

Locate suitable, solid anchor locations toward the front of your trike. Protective engine guards work well, so do exposed frame rails. Loop soft ties around the anchor point to avoid paint and chrome damage.

Lower front guard anchor point. Click to enlarge.


Lower front guard anchor point. Click to enlarge.


Upper front guard anchor point. Click to enlarge.


Rear wheels

A great way to secure the front of your Spyder is by looping through the front wheels. You can stay low in the wheel or go high, whichever you prefer. Hook the tie-down directly to the rail or use a soft tie. If you need more length, run the soft tie thought itself. If you need less length, hook the tie-down to both ends of the soft tie. Lots of options and configuration possibilities.

Loop through the rear wheel. Click to enlarge.


Attach the tie-down to itself. Click to enlarge.


Secure to axle loop with soft tie. Click to enlarge.



Loop a soft tie around the passenger grab rail just below the passenger seat. Connect your tie-down to the soft tie. Ratchet it down and you’re all set. On most machines the tie-down will sit safely just above the luggage. If you’re worried about rubbing, you can pick up tie-down covers or pads to protect your vehicle’s finish. A towel and a zip tie also work.


Hook tie-downs to footrests. Click to enlarge.


Secure to axle loops with soft ties. Click to enlarge.

A great anchor point. Click to enlarge.


Spend a little time and get creative with your anchor points and you’ll find you have plenty of options to secure your trike to your Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailer. Just be sure to always tie down with four quality tie-downs, including anchoring to the axle loops, and you’ll have a safe, secure towing experience and enjoy the ride more.


Go. Ride.

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