Kendon’s Deluxe Trailer Loading Ramp

Deluxe Trailer Loading Ramp for Kendon Motorcycle Trailers

When we recently introduced our 20th anniversary commemorative dual trailer for motorcycles, we included a new addition to our line of trailer accessories that has been requested by customers for some time. The deluxe trailer loading ramp was a hit as soon as we started showing it off in person. However, those who were unable to fully handle and get a feel for this new loading ramp were having a hard time seeing what the fuss is all about. They read and heard the deluxe loading ramp features a wider and longer flat panel style design and uses the standard mounts on the trailer when its secured for towing, but were unable to fully understand what the loading ramp actually does. So, let’s break down this ramp and its features a bit further to clear up any confusion and help everyone understand the features and benefits of this loading ramp.

To start off, the deluxe trailer loading ramp has a wider ground contact on the bottom of the ramp to improve stability when loading motorcycles. The wider ground contact means the ramp will not sway from side to side if you don’t load a bike perfectly down the center of the ramp. It is also longer than the standard Kendon ramp so the loading angle against which you load your bike is reduced. This makes loading a bike onto the trailer easier as you now have a lower incline to roll your bike up against. Along with the additional width and length, the new equally spaced flat panel design provides more traction and stability. This combined with the non-slip wrinkle powder coat finish ensures your tires will have a nice consistent grip throughout the loading and unloading process. In case your wheel(s) do slip or your aim is  a tad off (hey, happens to the best of us), the trailer loading ramp comes equipped with new tubular ramp guide rails that will keep you from running off of the ramp without harming the tire sidewalls. Lastly, the new thicker gauge, wider, stronger, removable and replaceable ramp hook adds on to the stability of the trailer ramp and gives you one smooth integrated loading mechanism to load your bikes onto any of our motorcycle trailers and enjoy some much needed riding time.

For full specs and pricing on the ramp visit the Deluxe Trailer Loading Ramp page on our web site. As always, we’re here to answer any questions and help make your riding adventure more enjoyable!

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