Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer with Jack Stand
Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer with Jack Stand
Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer with Jack Stand
Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer with Jack Stand
Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer with Jack Stand
Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer with Jack Stand
Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer with Jack Stand

Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer with Jack Stand




Dual-Rail Ride-Up SRL Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer

The Kendon Dual-Rail Ride-Up SRL Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer is the flagship of the Kendon line. Designed to perform and built to last, this trailer is the perfect combination of form and function in one excellent, space-saving package.When in use, the Dual-Rail Ride-Up trailer provides ride-on loading capabilities, carrying capacity of up to two full-size motorcycles and Kendon’s renowned towing performance.When in storage, this trailer takes up about the same space as a standard bedroom dresser or chest of drawers.


Ride-on capabilities

Thanks to our Suspension Reactive Loading (SRL) frame geometry and suspension design you can ride your bikes onto the trailer, making it much easier to load heavy, full-size bikes. As you ride your bike onto the trailer the suspension compresses under the weight of the bike, virtually eliminating the ramp-to-trailer apex. Once the bike is loaded, the suspension springs back up and levels the trailer.


Safety first

Our Ride-Up models feature wider loading ramps, wider rear sections, and foot extensions to provide safe foot placement when you ride the bike onto or back the bike off of the trailer.



Room for two

The Dual-Ride-up trailer features a wide expanded metal/diamond plate deck area designed to hold up to two full-size bikes such as Harley-Davidsons, GoldWings, K1600s, adventure bikes, etc. The heavy-duty torsion-bar axle and hub combination give the Dual-Rail its full 2,000-lbs. carrying capacity. When carrying only one bike, the independent torsion suspension allows for loading on either side of the trailer. Optional center rail trailer accessories are available for towing a motorcycle in the center of the trailer.
The Dual-Rail SRL Ride-Up Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer is truly a work of art. It combines ride-on convenience and safety with a lightweight, user-friendly, space-saving design. Designed for bikes of all sizes and riders of all styles, this is the trailer for you no matter what or where you ride.

Two-Bike Ride-Up SRL Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer Features at a Glance

  • Suspension Reactive Loading frame geometry technology
  • Extra-wide, three-piece, folding loading ramp
  • Rear section extension and over-the-axle foot extensions for foot placement throughout loading/unloading
  • Two removable rails with integrated front wheel chocks
  • Full 2,000 lb. carrying capacity for up to two full size bikes or cargo use

Kendon Patented Trailer Chassis Design

Fully customize your trailer the way you want it ** Select from a range of color options ($150 additional up charge for color) and alloy wheel styles ($100 Additional Up charge for Wheels). Can’t choose just one color? Choose two! You can select a one or two-tone color option to make your trailer stand out from the crowd.


Chrome Kendon 5S Kendon 10S Warrior 375 Black Raceline 850 Raceline 855 Raceline 860

Kendon Patented Trailer Torsion Axle Design

Standard Features on Kendon Folding Stand-Up™ Trailers

  • Patented Independent torsion bar suspension
  • Integrated swivel casters for easy maneuverability in storage; allow for full 360-degree movement when on casters
  • Lightweight design and construction for simple, one-person operation
  • 13-inch aluminum wheels with radial tires; your choice of rim style!
  • Industrial-grade powder coating finish; choose your color for a truly unique trailer to match your style and vehicles**
  • Kendon’s legendary towing performance
  • Handcrafted in California; Made in USA
  • 3-year and 5-year Factory Extended Warranty available



Add accessories to your trailer for a complete towing package. From tie-downs to spare tires to full Trailer Accessory Packages. A range of accessory options is available to enhance the functionality of your Kendon trailer. Also available is a full line of replacement parts. Should something go wrong, Kendon has you covered.

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