Go. Ride.

There’s a whole big world out there. How much have you seen?

We want you to see it all. And we hope you’ll see most of it from the seat of a motorcycle, ATV, or powersports toy. There’s simply no better way to experience life. We realize that sometimes the journey is what matters and sometimes the destination is more important than the journey. At times it's about what you experience along the way, other times it's when you get there. With Kendon you have the option to take the journey in comfort and enjoy the experience more when you get there. Whether your destination is the Grand Canyon, Sturgis, the windy-twisties, the track, some rolling hills, the wide-open desert, America’s beautiful forests, our expansive coastline, or anything in between, one of our Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers will get you there comfortably. And we hope you’ll enjoy the ride even more when you arrive. Then, when you get home, full of great memories, tuck your trailer and toys away and get ready for your next great adventure. It’s just around the corner.