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A wonderful article from our friends at IronWorks Magazine about Kendon Stand-Up Trailers. We were very excited to give them a full tour of our facilities in sunny Southern California and give them a behind-the-scenes look at how our trailers are individually handcrafted here in the USA.  We walked through the process of a trailer being hand-made starting from raw tubing all the way through assembly and shipping.  Please read the entire piece from IronWorks: Kendon Stand-Up Trailers.

“As motorcyclists, our pride and our passion is to ride. From custom builds to weekend tourers and daily commuters, our motorcycles are at home on the pavement. But life has a way of throwing us curveballs, situations where safety, convenience or plain old common sense dictate taking a deep breath and recognizing that you need to tow your motorcycle at times instead of riding it.

For some of us, being in a position where we can’t ride the machine we love leaves a sour taste. This can lead to rash decisions, like buying a cheap foreign-made trailer that we don’t want to admit we need. “But would you buy a cheap parachute?” asks Frank Esposito, president of Kendon Industries. He makes an interesting point—if you do need to tow your bike because you’re moving, need to take it in for service or transporting your bike long distance, do you really want that fine piece of American machinery riding on a no-name trailer?

Of course not. And that’s why Kendon builds their trailers the way they do: in America, out of American materials, handcrafted by American workers…”

Read the full article: IronWorks: Kendon Stand-Up Trailers


IronWorks Magazine, a print magazine accommodating Harley-Davidson lovers and custom-made bike aficionados, printed its last issue in March 2014 after a renowned 24-year run. The magazine was created by Dennis Stemp and his spouse Marilyn in 1989, bringing the world of V-Twins to readers everywhere with thousands through informative articles, crisp photography and a high level of professionalism. Originally a household run service, the publication was acquired in 1995 by Hatton-Brown and ended up being the business’s very first customer publication.

Even after the sale, the Stemps remained the lifeblood of the publication till Dennis’ death in 2003. Marilyn made a solid name for herself as a well-respected editor in the moto-journalism world when she got the torch in the wake of Dennis’ passing. Not to be surpassed, their child Vincent was the Tech Editor for the magazine. Dedicated to continuing the family legacy, Marilyn and Vincent have begun a brand-new endeavor by the name Iron Trader News. Originally the name of the publication that ended up being IronWorks, ITN will– according to its Facebook page— continue bringing dependable, intelligent information to bike riders all over.

In a heart-warming display of regard, Iron Trader News has provided a new article to replace the on from the August 2013 issue of IronWorks Magazine about Kendon Stand-Up Trailers. In the ITN’s article, you can once again catch a behind-the-scenes look at how our trailers are individually handcrafted here in the USA. You’ll also get some pictures of our facilities in sunny Southern California and a step-by-step process of a trailer being hand-made starting from raw tubing all the way through assembly and shipping.

We are proud of our product and are excited for you to see the process by which we make it, but we are even more proud of our friends the Stemps and how they continue pursuing their dreams despite any setback. They’re an example we’ll strive to follow as we keep making the best stand-up trailers around. Please read the entire piece here. Also, consider giving ITN some love by liking them on Facebook as well as visiting their own site to see what else they have to share about the wonderful world of motorcycle riding and wrenching.

Kendon Industries, LLC

Kendon Industries, LLC

Established in 1991, Kendon Industries is the originator of a full line of Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts. The first trailer that folded up came at a request of a friend and took up only two feet of floor space in a garage. Since then, Kendon has expanded its line to encompass a full range of trailers and lifts for the motorcycle, ATV/UTV, hot rod and classic car markets. Kendon is proud to hold more than two dozen United States Patents on its products. Kendon is recognized as the industry leader in the USA for high quality fold-up Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers and Lifts. Kendon's complete line of trailers is designed and Made in America. 
Kendon Industries, LLC

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