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Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tire Upgrade Kit (Set of 2)
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Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tire Upgrade Kit (Set of 2)
Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tire Upgrade Kit (Set of 2)
Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tire Upgrade Kit (Set of 2)
Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tire Upgrade Kit (Set of 2)
Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tire Upgrade Kit (Set of 2)
Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tire Upgrade Kit (Set of 2)

Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tire Upgrade Kit (Set of 2)


Part #: HPRTWK13

Aluminum wheels and radial tires for your Kendon trailer.



Aluminum Wheel and Radial Tire Kit Product Description

Sold as a Set of 2 wheels with tires.

Part #: HPRTWK13
Size: ST175/80R13
Style: Radial tire

Please specify style when ordering.

For Use with 2004-Earlier trailers please add wheel spacers for proper fitment.

Radial tires are a significant upgrade in every performance category over standard Bias Ply Constructed Tires. They last longer, rider smoother and quieter and track better than Bias Ply Tires.

Aluminum Wheels are not just about the great looks. They are lighter, stronger and since they are cast, they have tighter tolerances than a welded steel wheel. They also run cooler. We'll go back to "They look great." We believe that Trailers deserve cool looking wheels too.

Your standard trailer tires will eventually wear out. When you are ready to replace your standard tires, it's a great time to go to radials. The performance improvement and better wear far outweigh the difference in price in our opinion. You will feel the difference in ride quality between a bias tire to a radial tire.

Radial Trailer Tire and Aluminum Rim Features & Benefits

Key Aluminum Wheel and Radial Tire features and benefits.

    • Cast Aluminum, no possibility of bad welds as on steel wheels.
    • No pressed in steel inserts (same standard for high end automotive alloy wheels).
    • Closer run out tolerances than a welded steel wheel.
    • Open design allows more air to flow around tire for cooler running temperatures.
    • ST175/80R13 Radial Tire.
    • Softer, smoother, quieter ride. Kendon is famous for smooth towing. This makes it even better.
    • Improved fuel economy.
    • Flatter, wider footprint for better tire wear and superior load carrying capacity.
    • Improved sway control.

A short technical description on the difference between Radial and Bias Ply Tires

Bias tires are constructed through a different manufacturing technique as well as differing in the type of rubber used in the compounding process (as a rule - synthetic rubber for radials - natural rubber for bias. You can equate this to synthetic oil vs. standard oil). Internally, bias tires have the plies (support) of nylon/polyester cords laid at a 30-45 degree angle which typically alternate direction between plies: hence the name bias. Bias tires are sometimes referred to as cross-ply as well. The bias "footprint" of the tire does flex/distort under load which decreases heat dissipation as well as decreasing the life of the tread.

A radial tire is constructed with rubber coated; reinforcing polyester/steel cable belts that are assembled parallel and run from side to side (bead to bead) at an angle of 90 degrees to the circumferential centerline of the tire (hence the name radial). This makes the tire more flexible which reduces rolling resistance to improve fuel economy. Numerous rubber coated steel belts are then constructed into the "crown" of the tire (under the tread) to from a strong two-stage unit which helps in heat dissipation as well as puncture resistance.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you are ordering the correct spare tire for your model trailer. Pre-2014 trailers were equipped with bias-ply tires as standard equipment. 2014 and newer trailers are equipped with radial tires. Never mix tire styles on your trailer. Always use only radial tires or bias ply tires on all wheels, including the spare, to ensure safe trailer operation. If you have any doubts, please Contact Us for assistance with the purchase.

Ship Weight



24 × 24 × 14 in


Model : Aluminum Wheel and Radial Tire Kit
Part Number : Aluminum Rim and Radial Tire Kit: HPRTWK13 Radial Tire: HPRT13 Cast Aluminum Wheel Spacer: WS
Wheel/Tire Size : ST175/80R13 – 13″/Radial
Wheel Bolt Pattern : 5-on-4½
Wheel/Rim Type : 5-Spoke Aluminum
Application : Single, Dual, Sport/Dirt Bike Combo, Chopper, K600/UTV and Utility Trailers

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