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accessorize to customize

Accessorize to Customize!

Congratulations on your brand-new Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailer or Lift. You made a very wise choice and your garage will thank you for it. So what’s your next step? Accessorize to customize and make it your own.


Accessorize Your Stand-Up™ Trailer

Kendon offers a very wide array of accessories and upgrades to improve your trailering experience and to customize the look and performance of your bike’s new best friend. You accessorize your bike. Now accessorize your trailer, too.

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Go Easier With Kendon Retrofit Kits

Goldwing-_ride-up-retrofit-kit-5684-500x500Life can be hard. Go a little easier with the Kendon SRL Ride-Up Retrofit Kit. Stop pushing your bike onto your standard-model Kendon trailer. If you own a 2003 or newer standard Kendon trailer, you can use our SRL Ride-Up Retrofit Kit to convert your standard, push-up trailer into a convenient ride-up model.

Prior to 2013, all Kendon trailers were designed for you to push or walk your bike onto the trailer. In 2013 we introduced the first Kendon SRL Ride-Up trailers to allow users the convenience and safety of riding their bikes onto the trailer. The response was so overwhelming that we then built a retrofit kit for older and standard model trailers. The retrofit kit works on all 2003 and newer Kendon trailers and converts a standard trailer into an SRL Ride-Up trailer.

SRL, or Suspension Reactive Loading, is a combination of frame geometry and suspension technology that virtually eliminates the ramp-to-trailer apex and minimizes clearance issues while loading the trailer. Combined with wider ramps and extra deck pieces for foot placement, the SRL Ride-Up Retrofit Kit provides users with a safe, easy way to ride their bike onto their trailer.

One-Rail Trailer SRL Retrofit Kit


  • 39” wide ramp
  • Full-width rear section
  • Incorporated SRL frame geometry
  • All required mounting hardware

Two-Rail Trailer SRL Retrofit Kit:

  • 39” wide ramp
  • Rear section deck extension
  • Over-axle footboards
  • Incorporated SRL frame geometry
  • All required mounting hardware

SRL Retrofit Kit Benefits

  • Suspension Reactive Loading geometry eliminates ramp-to-trailer apex
  • Extra-wide loading ramp
  • Wider rear sections
  • Footboards for safe foot placement

Stop working so hard. Stop pushing your bike onto the trailer. Visit today to order your SRL Retrofit Kit and go a little easier.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

New Lower Price on Covers for Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailers


At Kendon we’re always trying to improve. Sometimes that means providing better customer service. Sometimes it means designing product improvements, and once in a while, it means providing our customers better value through better pricing.

We recently found a way to lower the price of our Stand-Up™ Trailer Covers without sacrificing quality or performance. In fact, the new trailer covers have a higher quality UV rating than our old covers did. The new trailer covers cost 33% less than the previous covers, making it easier to protect your Kendon trailer investment.

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Traditional vs. Stand-Up Trailers


If the world is passing you by while you sit behind that desk or run that equipment for 40 hours a week, take a break, hit the road, and see what you’re missing. Take your motorcycle with you, too, because once you get where you’re going, you’re going to want to play. To make life easy and comfortable, use a Kendon Stand-Up trailer when you’re transporting your toys, and store it out of the way when you’re not.
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A Spare Change: Tips and techniques for your Kendon Trailer spare tire


Accidents happen at the worst time, don’t they? And nobody can predict the future (despite what you see on late night TV). So it’s a good idea to be prepared. Prepare for life’s curveballs by always carrying a spare wheel/tire for your Kendon trailer. We offer two varieties of spare wheel/tire combinations:

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Left or Right of Center?

“Can I load my bike on only one side of my two-rail trailer?”

We get asked that question a lot. A lot. And our answer is ALWAYS the same: Absolutely. Kendon’s exclusive Eliminator Torsion Axle from Tie Down Engineering gives our trailers not only a superior ride, but also the cornering stability that comes from independent torsion bar suspension. Each suspension arm operates independently from the other allowing the wheels to track properly and maintain cornering grip no matter how the trailer is loaded.

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Kendon’s Deluxe Trailer Loading Ramp

Trailer Loading Ramp

Deluxe Trailer Loading Ramp for Kendon Motorcycle Trailers

When we recently introduced our 20th anniversary commemorative dual trailer for motorcycles, we included a new addition to our line of trailer accessories that has been requested by customers for some time. The deluxe trailer loading ramp was a hit as soon as we started showing it off in person. However, those who were unable to fully handle and get a feel for this new loading ramp were having a hard time seeing what the fuss is all about. They read and heard the deluxe loading ramp features a wider and longer flat panel style design and uses the standard mounts on the trailer when its secured for towing, but were unable to fully understand what the loading ramp actually does. So, let’s break down this ramp and its features a bit further to clear up any confusion and help everyone understand the features and benefits of this loading ramp. Continue reading ‘Kendon’s Deluxe Trailer Loading Ramp.’

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