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New Trike/Spyder/Sidecar Stand-Up Trailer

Our Two Wheels are Perfect for Your Three


Kendon Stand-Up Trailer now available for trikes, Spyders, sidecars.


Today powersports vehicles come in all sizes, shapes, styles, configurations, colors and even brand names we thought were long gone. If you have a traditional two-wheeled-type motorcycle, we’ve got plenty of options for you; one rail, two rails, three rails, no rails, whatever you need.

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accessorize to customize

Accessorize to Customize!

Congratulations on your brand-new Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailer or Lift. You made a very wise choice and your garage will thank you for it. So what’s your next step? Accessorize to customize and make it your own.


Accessorize Your Stand-Up™ Trailer

Kendon offers a very wide array of accessories and upgrades to improve your trailering experience and to customize the look and performance of your bike’s new best friend. You accessorize your bike. Now accessorize your trailer, too.

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5 Great Motorcycle Rides to Take this Fall


Every seasoned motorcycle enthusiast knows that fall is an exciting time to be on the road. There are so many worthy parts of the country to visit. The heat of summer gives way to cooler, comfortable temperatures and the scenery can be spectacular. At Kendon, we are proud to be part of your long-trip solutions. We’re stoked that fall is here, too. Where do you most want to go for this year’s adventure? Here are five of the best fall motorcycle rides to be found anywhere.

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Small Feet, Big Products

Space may be the final frontier, but for most of us, it’s also very valuable. If you’re like most people, you don’t have much room to spare. Whether you own or rent or something in between, you’re probably using nearly all the storage space you have. So when it comes to power sports trailers and lifts, less is more. Less space, of course. Kendon folding, stand-up trailers and lifts are designed to store vertically for maximum space-saving convenience. Everyone has room for a Kendon product.

Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailers

Kendon-Stand-Up-TrailerKendon’s patented folding, stand-up trailer design provides the smallest storage footprint of any power sports trailer on the market – Guaranteed! Our unique design and vertical storage capability take up only 27 inches of space from the wall. Couple that with our narrow axle construction and torsion bar suspension and Kendon trailers range from 72 inches to 101 inches wide. That’s a footprint close to the size of a standard, full-size bedroom dresser. Small enough to roll up against the wall and still park a car, a truck, or motorcycles in front.

Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailer footprint sizes:

One-rail trailers: 27” x 72”

Two-rail trailers: 27” x 86”

Three-rail trailers: 27” x 84”

ATV/SXS trailers: 27” x 101”

Kendon Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Lifts

Kendon-Stand-Up-LiftsOur motorcycle lifts fit in any garage, even yours. What better way to clean or work on your bike than on top of a Kendon folding, stand-up lift. And with a footprint no bigger than a typical small office filing cabinet, everyone can find storage space in the garage for a Kendon bike lift.

Kendon Stand-Up™ Bike Lift footprint size:

All motorcycle lifts: 17” x 28”

Stop worrying about space and go get yourself a Kendon trailer and lift. We know you have the room!

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

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