Traditional vs. Stand-Up Trailers

If the world is passing you by while you sit behind that desk or run that equipment for 40 hours a week, take a break, hit the road, and see what you’re missing. Take your motorcycle with you, too, because once you get where you’re going, you’re going to want to play. To make life easy and comfortable, use a Kendon Stand-Up trailer when you’re transporting your toys, and store it out of the way when you’re not.

Types of Motorcycle Trailers

There are many kinds of trailers you can choose from to transport your motorcycle. There are general purpose utility trailers, open rail trailers, enclosed trailers (both for general cargo or “toy hauler” versions), and specialized enclosed trailers that have “clamshell” designs where the roof lifts up to provide for easier accessibility, yet still fit in a standard-size garage. You can also purchase special aerodynamic trailers that can improve your fuel economy or kits you assemble yourself to save money. There are also trailers with custom paint jobs available, and you can even have them painted to match the motorcycle you are hauling.  And for those who want all the toys, there are two wheeled motorcycle trailers that can be pulled by small sports cars.

Why a Kendon Stand-Up Trailer?

With all these trailers on the market, why is a Kendon Stand-Up trailer the right choice for you? There are several reasons, but the two main ones are their price, and their adaptability when it comes to storing them. Kendon trailers are very economically priced; you can pay a lot for a fancy trailer, but why would you when you can get a Kendon trailer for a lot less?

Kendon trailers are lightweight and come with industrial-grade casters that make them extremely maneuverable and easy for a single person to move around. They are so light and compact that they can be towed by almost any vehicle, including most compact cars. And when they’re not being used, they can be folded and stored vertically to lean against a wall or fit into a narrow space, leaving more room for your car in the garage.

Some other reasons to consider a Kendon Stand-Up Folding Trailer include:

  • The low deck height makes loading and unloading very easy
  • Every trailer comes with loading ramps, unlike other brands
  • These trailers are made in America from American steel
  • Powder coated for an attractive finish
  • The independent torsion bar suspension and triangulated round tube construction make for a durable product

Kendon has been building quality trailers for over 25 years in Placentia, California. If you ever sell your Kendon trailer – only to upgrade to a bigger one, of course – you will notice that quality in your resale value.

Hit The Road With a Kendon Stand-Up Trailer Today

While a Kendon trailer may not be your pass to freedom, it can make your move toward it that much easier. What are you waiting for? Get your trailer and get out there today! Other than motorcycle trailers, Kendon also specializes in lifts, jack stands, loading ramps and many other accessories. Whatever it is your motorcycle needs, find it on our website or call us at 714.630.7144. We want to help you experience life to the fullest.

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