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Are you a motorcycle lover in search of a trailer for your bike? Sometimes you need to move your motorcycle, but riding it to your destination is just not feasible. But buying a trailer for those occasional trips can seem like a huge and unnecessary expense. And where do you store it when not in use? Enter the Kendon folding trailer. Not only does a Kendon trailer offer a smooth tow with an easy loading and unloading experience, but many features of a Kendon are deigned to save you money in the long run.


Reduce Storage Space by Over 75%

We all know the story: First you have the motorcycle, and then the accessories, and then a trailer, and before you know it you have run out of storage space and are needing to purchase additional storage options. The Kendon trailer addresses this by having a patented and innovative fold-up design which significantly reduces the amount of storage space needed. When not in use simply fold up the trailer, easily done by one person due to its lightweight and balanced design. Folded, the trailer is only 27 inches deep, and takes up about the same amount of space as a standard set of drawers. No parking space or storage shed needed; just roll it to the side of your garage and park it against the wall, out of the way and easily accessible.

Aerodynamic Design for Less Drag

Kendon trailers are designed to put as little additional strain on your vehicle as possible. Small and aerodynamic, you do not need to worry about being dragged down by a bulky and cumbersome tow. The proprietary Tie Down Engineering Eliminator Torsion Axle uses a tuned independent suspension for a smooth ride. All Kendon trailers also come with 13″ radial tires on chrome wheels for a softer, quieter ride and superior performance. With an innovative chassis design, these trailers have more torsional and vertical stability than traditional trailers which makes for an exceptionally safe and stable tow.

Less Weight Means Better Miles per Gallon

With Kendon’s multiple trailer options and sizes you can choose the trailer which exactly suits your needs, so you do not end up towing extra weight. These trailers are also made with the lightest and strongest American steel and components, further lightening the load without sacrificing strength or performance. The wider footprint of the standard 13″ tires also improves fuel economy while protecting against wear, punctures, and blowouts. The improvements to the 2015-16 line of Kendon trailers were made specifically with your gas mileage in mind, with less rolling resistance to get the maximum use possible out of every gallon.

Go Ride with Kendon

If you are in the market for a motorcycle trailer, follow the experts. Kendon is the #1 choice of industry professionals, and for style, performance, and convenience they cannot be beat. All trailers come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and a limited 5-year warranty on the axle. Full 3-and-5 year extended warranties are available as well. Kendon also offers a wide range of lifts, parts, and accessories to match all of your towing and motorcycle work needs. A Kendon is built to last, and with the ability to easily replace and upgrade parts, this is a trailer that will be with you for the long haul.

Located in Placentia, CA, Kendon can be contacted by phone toll-free at 800-847-8618. You can also e-mail any questions to Check out Kendon’s products online. Life is too short to spend indoors, let us help you get to your destination in comfort so you can enjoy the scenery. Get out there. Go. Ride.

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