Left or Right of Center?

“Can I load my bike on only one side of my two-rail trailer?”

We get asked that question a lot. A lot. And our answer is ALWAYS the same: Absolutely. Kendon’s exclusive Eliminator Torsion Axle from Tie Down Engineering gives our trailers not only a superior ride, but also the cornering stability that comes from independent torsion bar suspension. Each suspension arm operates independently from the other allowing the wheels to track properly and maintain cornering grip no matter how the trailer is loaded.


Our engineer likes to joke with people who insist their bike should be loaded in the center by asking, “Where do you sit in your car?” We could list all the engineering principles and physics behind independent torsion bar suspension, but we don’t want to put you to sleep. We’ve been using torsion bar suspension since 1991 and haven’t seen a related failure yet. So, yeah, go ahead and load on the left…or the right…and go ride.

“But I don’t like the way it looks when my bike is only on one side.”

Well, you’ve got us there, Rembrandt. If style is more important to you than function, we can’t really argue. However, we have a solution. If you own a dual-rail Kendon trailer and want to load your bike in the center, we have an Optional Center Rail Kit for you. The kit is a full bolt-on center rail kit including all the mounts and hardware and sells for $209.95.

Please keep in mind that adding the Optional Center Rail only adds an optional place to carry your bike; it does not make your two-rail trailer capable of carrying three bikes. In most instances three bikes will not only exceed the weight capacity, they will also physically interfere with each other and could potentially damage your rides.

Visit http://kendonusa.com/product/optional-center-rail/ for more information or to order a Kendon Optional Center Rail kit.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

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