Kendon Technical Insight Series: Wheel Bearings, Seals, and Lubrication

Your trailer’s bearings, seals, and lubrication are at the heart of proper trailer performance and longevity. Your Kendon trailer with Tie Down Engineering’s Super Lube™ hubs and spindles should last virtually forever when properly maintained. Let’s take a quick look at the components that make your Kendon stand up  trailer roll down the road so well.


Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings have four interdependent components: the cone, or inner ring; the cup, or outer ring; the tapered rollers, or rolling elements; and the cage, or roller retainer. The taper angles allow the bearing to handle a combination of radial and thrust loads.

Oil Seals

Oil seals – often called grease, fluid or dirt seals – are vital components in practically every type of vehicle in operation. They protect all types of bearings and serve three basic functions:

  • Retain lubricants and liquids
  • Exclude contaminants
  • Seal or separate dissimilar fluids or gases


Proper lubrication is essential for the successful performance of any bearing. Lubricants reduce friction, prevent wear, carry away heat, and protect bearing surfaces from corrosion.

Kendon uses Lucas Red “N” Tacky Grease – a smooth, tacky, red lithium, complex grease fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors. It has good water resistance and washout properties. It has excellent mechanical stability and storage life. It is able to withstand heavy loads for extended periods of time.


The Super Lube™ hubs on your Kendon trailer are extremely easy to maintain. As new grease is pumped in through the easily accessible grease fitting, old grease is forced out, providing the critical bearing surfaces with fresh, clean grease. There is no easier way to keep your Kendon trailer performing like new. For maximum performance and longevity of the moving parts of your trailer, we recommend you grease your hubs every 1,000-1,500 miles.

Super Lube Spindle Lubrication

  1. Remove the rubber plug from the grease (hub) cap
  2. Fit a standard grease gun onto the grease fitting located at the end of the spindle, making sure the grease gun nozzle is engaged on the fitting tightly
  3. Pump grease* into the fitting, while slowly turning the wheel; grease will flow out of the hub around the spindle
  4. When the grease appears to be the new clean grease, remove the grease gun and wipe off any excess grease
  5. Replace the rubber plug in the cap

*Kendon recommends you always use Lucas Oil Red “N” Tacky #2 grease

Now get out there. Go. Ride.


  • Kendon Industries

    Our part # for the grease cap is HUBDUSTCAP (manufacturer part #17093), the rubber grommet is HUBRG (manufacturer #46963).

  • Rob McMillan

    Is there a part number for the grease cap and rubber plug? Mine jumped ship somewhere.

  • Tim Myers

    I absolutely LOVE my Kendon Stand Up trailer. I have taken multiple long distance trips with it and I often get compliments on it. Thanks for making such a quality product.

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