Kendon’s New 20th Anniversary Trailer for Motorcycles

A Trailer for Motorcycles to Celebrate Kendon’s 20 Years of Innovation

What’s an anniversary celebration without something special to offer to our dear customers? Well, for our 20th Anniversary we decided to go all out and offer a feature rich 20th Anniversary Limited Edition dual motorcycle trailer.  After all, this is a special occasion and we could not hold anything back… this had to be a complete towing solution. We started with our standard dual motorcycle trailer, which already features a race-car chassis inspired frame design with an integrated hybrid torsion axle that offers full 2,000-pound capacity, a 5-foot by 7-foot platform and integrated wheel chock system, and made it better. For these special motorcycle trailers, we decided to go with a two-tone orange and black powder coated finish. This color combination was a hit with our test groups (especially the Harley and KTM guys), so we knew that it will be a perfect choice for the limited edition trailer. From there we threw in all of the best upgrades and trailer accessories one would need to tow and store the trailer and added in a couple brand new ones that were not available on any standard model trailer for motorcycles. So let’s dig into the features and trailer accessories that this limited edition trailer comes equipped with and what makes them a great addition to the trailer and for you.

  • Custom Paint and Graphics – We all like to show off our bikes, this trailer’s paint job helps make them pop! The Limited Edition Orange and Black custom two-process two-tone paint job is sleek, sexy and industrial grade so it’s the most durable finish available. Each motorcycle trailer is also marked with a limited edition graphic to commemorate Kendon’s 20th Anniversary.
  • Custom-Fit Dowco Trailer Cover – Keeping this nice piece of equipment looking nice goes beyond regular maintenance and cleaning. This heavy duty outdoor Dowco trailer cover will keep this deluxe dual trailer for motorcycles in tip-top shape whether stored inside or outside. The trailer cover is tailor fit for the dual trailer and has a special elasticized bottom to prevent the cover from blowing off in severe weather.
  • Aluminum Wheels with Radial Tires – What can we say… these are simply a super performance upgrade to the trailer. They’re lighter, run cooler, ride smoother, last longer, are more puncture resistant and they look cool!  Along with the mag wheel upgrade, the trailer comes with a standard chrome full-size spare tire and locking lug nuts so nobody can steal your trailer’s cool shoes.
  • New Deluxe Loading Ramp – It’s longer, wider, flat panel design with guard rails and a reinforced replaceable ramp hook is the result of all of the customer input in a single loading ramp package. All of the features on this ramp are designed to ease the loading and unloading process of our motorcycle trailer.
  • Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand – This jack stand with dolly wheel speaks for itself. It’s one of our most popular trailer accessory add-ons. It allows you to easily move the trailer around while it’s loaded or unloaded. Along with the swivel jack, we’ve included an anti-bolt cutter coupler lock to prevent theft and a set of roll away trailer wheel chocks so the trailer won’t run away on you while on all three wheels. Now you can unhook your deluxe trailer for motorcycles while it’s fully loaded and roll it away.
  • New Rear Section Lockdown Clamp – This newly designed clamp secures the front and rear sections of the trailer in the open position creating an integrated secure platform that can be used without having motorcycles loaded. This clamp offers additional uses to your trailer without having bikes loaded. With the clamp engaged you can easily use this trailer as a utility trailer and transport anything you can fit on top of the platform. The accessory package also includes 8 American made, Kendon tested, locking ratchet tie-downs and 8 soft-ties so you can tie down your motorcycles or any other cargo on the trailer. Don’t risk your precious cargo and the safety of others with cheap or wore out tie downs.
  • LED Tail Lights – Brighter, more reliable and highly demanded. The LED lights on this trailer provide a performance upgrade for those who only want the best. They are completely waterproof, vibration resistant and guaranteed.

The 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Dual trailer for motorcycles is an exceptional value package. It gives you everything you’ll need at a huge discount. Plus, you get upgrades you can’t purchase as standard equipment. On top of all of this, you get Kendon’s unmatched customer service and warranty program. How can you beat that? Well, I’m sure you can think of something, but we got to say, a quality fully American made trailer is pretty great! Remember, we’re always here to help and make your riding adventure more enjoyable.

Full details and specifications of this trailer for motorcycles can be found on the Limited Edition Dual Trailer page of our site. Locate a Kendon trailer dealer near you to purchase your limited edition 20th anniversary trailer today!

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