Kendon Releases its Full Product Line Video DVD of Folding Trailers and Lifts

Kendon Releases its Full Product Line Video DVD of Folding Trailers and Lifts

They’re finally here… our brand new Product Videos! Take a look at our Folding Trailers page to view individual videos or give us a call to get a full DVD sent to you. We’re really excited about these videos and we are looking to hear from you on what you think.  Feel free to comment below or send us your thoughts through email. Enjoy watching and ride safe!


“Produced by industry proven leader, Ignition3, this product DVD delivers a professionally produced video to tell the Kendon story exactly right. The video provides the customer and the dealer the perfect solution to select the right Kendon product for their specific needs. Customers will get great information to make an informed decision on a large purchase for long term ownership.

A customer can select to watch the entire video or easily select a product category, such as folding trailers, or a specific product. Each specific product segment is produced with a full demonstration of loading, unloading, folding up and storing. A wide range of vehicles from Dirt Bikes to Full Dress Road Bikes, UTV’s and ATV’s co-star in the movie so a rider can see each Kendon product loaded with all of the different categories of motorcycles, ATV’s and UTV’s. A rider can easily see what product will work best for his or her needs…

‘Kendon is both a performance vehicle and a tool. It is a three dimensional product that has very cool and patented mechanical movement. You simply can’t explain it or demonstrate it on a printed brochure. For the first time, our customers can completely understand the product and the company by simply watching the movie…'”

You can also find our Kendon videos on YouTube!

Also, be sure to check out Ignition3’s YouTube channel here for more cool videos they have done!

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