Go Easier With Kendon Retrofit Kits

Life can be hard. Go a little easier with the Kendon SRL Ride-Up Retrofit Kit. Stop pushing your bike onto your standard-model Kendon trailer. If you own a 2003 or newer standard Kendon trailer, you can use our SRL Ride-Up Retrofit Kit to convert your standard, push-up trailer into a convenient ride-up model.

Prior to 2013, all Kendon trailers were designed for you to push or walk your bike onto the trailer. In 2013 we introduced the first Kendon SRL Ride-Up trailers to allow users the convenience and safety of riding their bikes onto the trailer. The response was so overwhelming that we then built a retrofit kit for older and standard model trailers. The retrofit kit works on all 2003 and newer Kendon trailers and converts a standard trailer into an SRL Ride-Up trailer.

SRL, or Suspension Reactive Loading, is a combination of frame geometry and suspension technology that virtually eliminates the ramp-to-trailer apex and minimizes clearance issues while loading the trailer. Combined with wider ramps and extra deck pieces for foot placement, the SRL Ride-Up Retrofit Kit provides users with a safe, easy way to ride their bike onto their trailer.

One-Rail Trailer SRL Retrofit Kit


  • 39” wide ramp
  • Full-width rear section
  • Incorporated SRL frame geometry
  • All required mounting hardware

Two-Rail Trailer SRL Retrofit Kit:

  • 39” wide ramp
  • Rear section deck extension
  • Over-axle footboards
  • Incorporated SRL frame geometry
  • All required mounting hardware

SRL Retrofit Kit Benefits

  • Suspension Reactive Loading geometry eliminates ramp-to-trailer apex
  • Extra-wide loading ramp
  • Wider rear sections
  • Footboards for safe foot placement

Stop working so hard. Stop pushing your bike onto the trailer. Visit Kendonusa.com today to order your SRL Retrofit Kit and go a little easier.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

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