Do Motorcycle Trailers Enhance the Riding Experience?

Do Motorcycle Trailers Enhance the Riding Experience?

Kendon’s President, Frank Esposito, wrote an interesting piece on motorcycle trailers enhancing the riding experience. Hauling versus riding to a destination has been a longstanding debate amongst bikers and many stand divided on the issue. What do you think? Can trailers for motorcycles truly enhance your riding experience? Read on and post your comments on how you feel about the issue…


“The age-old debate between riding a motorcycle to an event or hauling a bike to a riding destination continues to rage. On one hand there is the hardcore motorcyclist who does not want to hear the word ‘trailer’ and who is willing to ride anywhere and everywhere, no matter what the distance may be. On the other hand, is the avid rider looking for the best riding available. Both types of riders end up at the same places whether they use motorcycle trailers or not. So what really is the difference between riding and hauling bikes to a destination? Can motorcycle trailers truly enhance the rider’s experience? Kendon president and professional rider, Frank Esposito, offers expert tips on how to enhance the riding experience and presents an alternate solution to this age-old debate.

‘It used to be that most people only bought a trailer to take their bike in for repairs,’ says Esposito. ‘Now the perception is growing that a trailer can add a new dimension to their motorcycling experience as it increases the opportunity for adventure.’ Consider the fact that the average rider rarely gets beyond a 150-200 mile radius of their home. In addition, physical limitations can play a big role in a motorcyclist’s ability to travel longer distances. ‘It comes down to a simple matter of quality vs. quantity,’ suggests Esposito. ‘Using a trailer for motorcycles is a sensible way to get out of the comfort circle and change riding habits from a typical ride to a weekend adventure while opening up new riding opportunities.’

Changing a biker’s habits is not easy. However, when thinking in terms of multi-day weekend adventures instead of routine rides to and from the garage, it becomes much easier and practical to adjust these habits. Planned weekend getaways with family and friends can become more frequent, easier and enjoyable for everyone.

‘Why wear out the body and the bike riding the freeways to get to the destination to get to the good riding,’ asks Esposito. Using a car and trailer to get there fresh, relaxed and ready to jump on the bike enhances the motorcycling experience. In addition to the increased comfort level of towing motorcycles, the economy factor plays a huge role with wear and tear on motorcycles. Tires, engine components and fluids all get worn out on the super-slab highways. With a motorcycle trailer, that worry is practically eliminated as the bike gets to the destination prepped and ready to ride.

Having a freshly prepped bike and a rested body adds to the overall enjoyment of motorcycle riding. ‘Having rested and happy companions does not hurt either,’ adds Esposito. Motorcycle trailers definitely help enthusiasts enjoy more of their passion by allowing for comfortable, convenient and fun times in distant riding destinations. ‘A trailer really allows you to look at what is beyond that 150-200 mile comfort circle,’ insists Esposito.

So is this change to acceptance of hauling real or just hypothetical? Check out the growing numbers of motorcycle trailers at events such as Bike Week in Daytona or the Sturgis Rally. Motorcycling has always been about independence, freedom and individual choice. ‘A Kendon trailer is an optional piece of riding equipment designed to give riders even greater independence, freedom and choices.'” – Frank Esposito, President, Kendon Industries, Inc.

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