Advantages of Using a Kendon Trailer with Your Harley Davidson

Haul your Harley Davidson with the Best Motorcycle Trailers

Moving your Harley can be an ordeal when using an average, heavy, over-sized trailer for towing. Fortunately, aerodynamic, lightweight Kendon motorcycle trailers have a unique, patented ability to fold up, stand up, and store upright, reducing storage space by as much as 75 percent.


Some of the great benefits of a Kendon motorcycle trailer include:

  • Simple, one-person operation
  • Low ramp to trailer apex eliminates clearance problems
  • Independent torsion bar suspension
  • Lightweight, tubular steel construction
  • Integrated wheel chock and removable rails
  • Ride-Up models and standard push-up models available
  • 1-rail and 2-rail versions available
  • Made in the USA

In addition to all of their standard perks, Kendon stand-up motorcycle trailers come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, a 5-year axle manufacturer’s warranty, and the option of an additional 3- or 5-year tip-to-tail extended warranty. If you’re a Harley owner looking for an easy-to-use, quality trailer for your bike, take a look at Kendon’s hand-crafted, industry-preferred stand-up trailers.

Kendon & Harley-Davidson™: A Match Made in Hog Heaven

Every dedicated rider knows that a Harley isn’t your average bike, and that Harley ownership isn’t just a hobby. With it, a Harley motorcycle brings a dedicated to premium quality products and premium quality experiences. That’s why a standard, flatbed utility trailer just won’t do. A Kendon stand-up motorcycle trailer can provide a significantly better towing experience for your machine, and a better garage experience for you.

One of the benefits of using a Kendon with your Harley is its low weight and aerodynamic design, which make it an easy tow with minimal drag, giving you significantly better MPG on your vehicle. The increased trailer strength and higher load capacity of a Kendon is perfect for Harley’s heavier models, such as the CVO Road Glide Ultra, which tips the scales at a massive 943 pounds.

Along with their lightweight design and overall strength, Kendon trailers provide excellent maneuverability, exceptional tire wear, and a safe towing platform for your valuable Harley-Davidson™ ride. The distinctive design of the Kendon wheel chock makes it easy to not only pull a heavyweight bike, but also properly guide the wheel of a touring model (like a Road King, Road Glide or Ultra Limited) in and out of place.

If you upgrade or replace your Harley and find that your Kendon could use a few further tweaks to make it ideal for your updated motorcycle, Kendon trailers have conveniently replaceable and upgradable parts, allowing you to truly customize your trailer to your Harley’s needs.

Trust the Company with 25 Years of Quality Trailer Production

Your Harley Davidson deserves better than the basics; treat her to the smooth ride and specialized engineering of a Kendon stand-up motorcycle trailer. Plus, those looking for a trailer specifically made for a dirt bike, sport bike, scooter or ATV can also find great options at Kendon, with American-made stand-up trailers suited to the unique needs of each vehicle.

For questions related to Kendon Stand-up Trailers & Lifts, contact us here, or call 800-847-8618 today.

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