A Spare Change: Tips and techniques for your Kendon Trailer spare tire

Accidents happen at the worst time, don’t they? And nobody can predict the future (despite what you see on late night TV). So it’s a good idea to be prepared. Prepare for life’s curveballs by always carrying a spare wheel/tire for your Kendon trailer. We offer two varieties of spare wheel/tire combinations:


Steel Wheel - BB206NR: Wheel & tire kit, 13” steel wheel, radial tire, 2014+ models

Aluminum Wheel - BB206AR: Wheel & tire kit, 13" Aluminum Wheel - Radial Tire 2014+ Models

Here are some tips and techniques regarding your Kendon spare tire:

  • ALWAYS match the type of tire – bias ply or radial – to the type of tires on your trailer; do not mix and match.
  • Your Kendon trailer comes equipped with a spare tire mount under the center of the trailer; look for the u-bolt welded to the center frame tube.
  • When loaded and towing, sometimes it is easiest to carry the spare in the tow vehicle for ease of access; use the u-bolt location for storage.
  • Kendon’s stand-up design provides a built-in natural jack; unload your bike or bikes, stand your trailer up, and remove/replace your wheel without the need for a jack.
  • Always check the air pressure in your spare before you leave for a trip; (45-50 PSI) two minutes in the garage at home will save a big headache on the side of the road.
  • If you tow with the spare installed on the u-bolt location, be careful of speed bumps and irregular road surfaces; the spare sits low and can drag on high spots.
  • Time and the elements can degrade trailer tires long before they appear to be worn; replace your spare tire every 4-5 years for safety (read our article here about tire wear and care)
  • Always torque your trailer lug nuts to 90-120 foot-lbs. and recheck after 50 miles to ensure proper tightness.
  • If your trailer is a pre-2005 model, please visit your local trailer or tire store for the proper size and style of spare wheel and tire.

Follow these simple tips and techniques for Kendon Trailer spare usage and you’ll go farther, enjoy the trip more, and arrive safely.

Now get out there. Go. Ride.

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