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Folding Trailer for Motorcycles

Kendon Folding Trailer for Motorcycles and Stand-Up™ Utility Trailer Product Line

Kendon's Folding Trailer product line features race-car chassis inspired triangulated round steel tube construction and proprietary Eliminator Torsion Axles with removable spindles, exclusively from Tie Down Engineering. Kendon's trailer for motorcycles and Utility Trailers are a simple and lightweight solution for light to heavy duty applications. These Folding Trailers are completely made in America and are manufactured to last! The Folding Trailer framework and components have been specifically designed to withstand heavy loads and long distances. This kind of quality componentry is a nod to Kendon's dedication to engineering, design and customer service. Whether you're looking for a Trailer for Motorcycles, dirt bikes or Utility Trailers, Kendon has a specifically engineered solution for you.

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2015 Folding Trailer Features
Key Trailer for Motorcycles Features and Benefits

2015 Kendon Folding Trailers

2015 Folding Trailer for Motorcycles deliver an easier loading and unloading experience, a smoother ride and increased tire reliability with less rolling resistance and higher wear that delivers higher MPG.

  • Raised Rail Guidance System with Oversized Tubing
    You simply cannot see the front wheel of some of the heavy weight touring bikes for loading and unloading. The new design provides superior guidance of the front wheel into and out of the wheel chock.

  • Wheel Chock with Changed Leverage and New Pivot Point
    Easier to pull a super heavyweight bike out of the wheel chock when unloading. New contour design hugs closer to the tire giving greater clearance for chin fairings and low fenders.

  • 13" Radial Tires on Chrome Wheels as Standard Equipment
    Standard equipment on all Kendon Trailers. Softer, smoother and quieter ride (you'll feel it). Improved fuel economy, wider flat footprint for better tire wear, reduced blow out risk at high loads and high speeds. Superior puncture resistance and better tracking.
Kendon Stand-Up Motorcycle and Utility Trailer Line

Kendon Trailer for Motorcycles Key Features and Benefits

  • #1 Choice of Industry Professionals.
  • Industry leader of original patented, fold up, Stand-Up™ design. Proven performance since 1991.
  • Aerodynamic design for less drag for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Patented and proprietary Tie Down Engineering Torsion Axle with tuned independent suspension and replaceable spindles. Less Flex. Superior Ride.
  • Triangulated round tube Chassis with integrated box beam mount axle. Axle is a stressed component of the chassis delivering higher torsional and vertical stability over traditional trailer designs. It's stronger!
  • Light Weight, High Strength with High Load Carrying Capacity delivers easy maneuverability and superior towing performance. Less Weight = Higher MPG.
  • Easy to fold up and stand up for storage requiring minimal space.
  • Exceptionally smooth ride. Nothing tows like a Kendon.
  • Kendon Trailers can be rebuilt and upgraded. We stock replacement and upgrade parts.
  • 1-year trailer manufacturer's warranty and limited 5 year axle manufacturer's warranty.
  • Hand crafted in the USA (Anaheim, CA) using American Steel.

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