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Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand for Kendon Trailers (2004 - Up).

Retractable Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand and Wheel for Stand-Up™ Utility and Motorcycle Trailers. (2004 and newer models)

Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand Product Description

Why Purchase this Product?

The Trailer Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand with Roller Wheel provides a solution for the owner who wants to detach a fully loaded Kendon Trailer from the tow vehicle. The roller wheel permits the user to move the Trailer while fully loaded.

Easy to use: High mechanical leverage makes this Retractable Jack Stand easy to use. Very little cranking effort is needed to elevate the trailer off of the ball hitch of the tow vehicle.

This Trailer Jack Stand fits 2004 and newer Kendon Trailers.

Trailer Swivel Jack Stand Features & Benefits

Key Motorcycle Trailer Retractable Swivel Jack Stand features and benefits.

  • Heavy Duty construction.
  • Crank down feature will pick up 500lbs of tongue weight. Max load of jack is always higher than Kendon's Max load capacity.
  • Plated to resist oxidation.
  • Quick on / Quick off with no tools required. Slide in the jack, install the pin and you're ready to use the jack.
  • Bolt on application (No welding required).
  • Allows you to move the Kendon trailer when not attached to a vehicle (loaded or unloaded)
  • Made in the USA.

Additional Product Specifications

Model Trailer Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand and Wheel
Part Number TSJS
MSRP1 $159.95
Standard Color Zinc Plated (Silver)
Type Retractable, Swivel Jack
Weight Capacity 500 lbs (Tongue Weight)
Height 24" Retracted
Width/Depth 10"
Removable Yes
Application Dual, Single, Sport/Dirt Bike Combo, Utility, K600/UTV and Chopper Trailers

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why would I purchase this over the less expensive Kendon standard Jack Stand?
A: The standard Jacks Stand does not crank down or roll. You cannot detach and roll away a fully loaded trailer with the standard Jack Stand.
Q: How strong is this thing? Can I trust it to hold up my trailer if I have two heavyweight cruisers loaded?
A: It's strong. Very strong. This is a Kendon Quality tested industrial strength jack stand. It will easily hold the tongue weight of any fully loaded Kendon Trailer to its full load capacity.
Q: How complicated is this Jack Stand to install?
A: Easy Customer installation with no welding. Follow the included instructions and it bolts right on.
Q: So what's with the warning as to why I have to remove it when towing?
A: First it's easy to do. Just remove one pin and slide it off. The Jack Stand could hit the ground in uneven terrain. The jack Stand could hit the rear of the tow vehicle when backing up (jackknife).
Q: Does is really matter that this jack stand is Made In The USA?
A: It does to us!
Q: Anything else important that I should know?
A: Yes. Rollaway Trailer Wheel Chocks are a must to prevent roll away. Your trailer is now on three wheels and can roll away causing damage. Wheels must be chocked to avoid roll away. Always try to park and use the Jack Stand on level ground.
Q: I have a question that is not covered here. How can I get help?
A: We're here to help and answer any questions you may have! You can contact us directly by visiting the Contact Us page or calling us at 714-630-7144 or 800-847-8618.
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